10 Struggles Of A Daily Jeepney Commuter

10 Struggles Of A Daily Jeepney Commuter


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Jeepneys are what we call the “pambansang transport”, it’s unique to our own country and it will obviously get us places, well literally. But we can’t deny the fact that just about every Filipino goes through daily struggles when riding the jeepney. And while we’re thankful we have enough coins in the bank to catch the jeepney, or have it as an option when ubers and grabtaxis are on surge, it’s just a real struggle sometimes. Here are ten real struggles every jeepney commuter goes through:

When The Driver Says “Isa Pa” But The Only Thing Left That Can Fit Is One Of Your Legs.

“Flattered kami kuya pero hindi po kami ganoon kapayat.”

You may call yourself lucky when you’re waiting for a ride on a rush hour and a jeepney stopped for you. But, wait until you approach the entrance of the jeep which is obviously full but the driver would insist that you sit and squeeze yourself in. Lucky still? Well, most of the commuters have no choice but to be squashed in between strangers instead of waiting for long hours for the next jeepney.

When The Hair Of The Girl In Front Of You Keeps Hitting Your Face.

“Ate kumalma ka, hindi ito Rejoice commercial.”

As we all know, jeepneys are non-air-conditioned transportation. So, expect sweating and inhaling all the pollution when you’re inside the jeepney. But, eating the hair of the girl beside is a little too much. Why can’t you just tie your hair girl?

When Nobody Wants To Pass The Change To The Driver.

“Kuya, gotta catch them all!”

Can jeepneys make people deaf or blind? It’s so obvious that the driver won’t be able to go near the passengers to ask for their payments but some passengers are just too insensitive so they would pretend not hearing or seeing either the driver or the passenger passing the money.

When It’s So Hot And You Forgot To Bring Your “Pamaypay”.

“Wew, instant sauna!”

It’s that time of the day when you spend hours fixing yourself and all of a sudden you’re back to your “just-woke-up” look. Just imagine being sandwiched in between passengers and you’re all exchanging sweats and smells, would you still bother fixing yourself?

When The Person In The Jeep Seems Sketchy But You Don’t Want To Assume It’s A Snatcher Because You’d Be A Judger.

Baka naman ganoon lang talaga style niya.

You know this thing. It’s that time of the day when you get too romantic with your things. Hugging and squeezing your bags is no ordinary scene. But it’s also that time of the day when you get yourselves to be like detectives, and you try to look every single person beside you like you’re surrounded by criminals.

When You Hail The Jeep But It Stops Two Blocks Away.

“Para nga po kuya, hindi take it slow.”

We all know this technique but i’ll share it anyway. Commuters often hail the jeep two blocks before their destination because late-receiver happens even in person.

When The Next Person To You Is Asleep And Their Head Keeps Falling On Your Shoulders.

“Wow teh, close na tayo? Gising gising din.”

When it’s time to go home, wait until you’re home. Some passengers do make jeepneys their home and your shoulders their pillows.

When You’ve Already Asked 3 Times But The Driver Still Won’t Give You Your Change.

“Kuya, pati ba naman to ipapagkait pa sa akin?”

In groceries, national bookstores, or in any other shops, the line on the counter is strictly followed because cashier cannot accommodate all customers at the same time. What more for the drivers whose attention is on the road. One at a time is simply the key.

When you’re running late but the jeepney driver had to stop by a gas station.

“Kuya, anong petsa na?”

Commuters rarely experience this but when they do, they have no choice but to accept and blame themselves for it. Besides, running late is tolerable than to run out of gas.

When The Driver Says “Dadaan Po Ung Jeep Doon” But Turns Out He Meant Three Blocks Away.

Yung Totoo Kuya, Gaano Kaclose?

If you think you’re near to your stop, don’t conclude too soon. Some drivers have this annoying habit of turning to different ways and little did you know you’re in a middle of nowhere.

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