10 Struggles Everyone Faces On Facebook

10 Struggles Everyone Faces On Facebook


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People these days are so involved with social media that it has reached the point that they can spend a whole day just surfing the net. One of the most famous social networking sites (SNS) that people are so active in using is Facebook. According to statistics, there are more than 2 billion accounts that exist on Facebook and 1.94 billion of them are active users.

Though many are so fond of using this, there are instances when it’s frustrating to use Facebook. Here’s a list of struggles you can probably relate to:

Tagged in a photo where you look funny

Taking groufies is important especially with your friends and family. Special occasions, travel trips, and even in simple bonding sessions, you take photos for memories. But don’t you just hate it when they simply upload everything even the photos where you look funny?

What’s more frustrating is when they tag you and everyone else sees it. You have no choice but to click “ignore” on those pictures. Come on guys, I am better looking than that. Stop shaming me please!

Receiving game request notifications

Just about everyone gets irritated when you thought you have something important as a notification but turns out it’s just a game request. Admit it or not, you are tempted to unfriend those who send you non-stop game requests. Once is okay but 10+ requests is too much!!

Those people who keeps on sending you requests when you haven’t accepted single one of them gets on your nerves. Isn’t the message clear enough? I don’t like to play your game so please exclude me from your send list. Don’t force me to block you!


One of the most heartbreaking instances on Facebook is being seen-zoned. Often done by many, it has actually become a pop-culture term. The sad feeling of waiting for a reply from someone who ends up not replying at all.

At least, that person saw your message! Even if it bothers you why they didn’t even bother, just face the truth that they may not care about you at all or they may just be busy. Don’t linger on that person’s chat anymore – accept the sad truth.

Scrolling through a “Like if you…” post

You probably encountered a post where there’s a picture of God with a caption, “Comment Amen if you love God,” or posts that say, “Like if you hate cancer.” Unfortunately, there are those who are more gullible than rational. There’s more to life than believing these posts.

Do you actually think that by simply liking a post, you can extend your love to God on heaven? Or you can actually help those who have illnesses? Guess not. So, let’s stop liking and sharing these posts because they don’t bring any good in the world of Social Media. Attention-seekers!

Your relatives commenting on your photo

We post statuses and photos to share our daily activities and whereabouts online. But there are awkward situations where your family comments something embarrassing on your posts, shout out to mom and dad. It’s probably the most awkward situation you could get yourself into on Facebook.

“Ang laki laki mo na” makes you want to hide under your bed for some time. “Kamusta ka na, bunsoy? Regards kela mamang mo” types of comments could be sent through personal messages but your relatives think it’s better to be said on public. Shame!


What’s worse than being seen-zoned? Of course, inbox-zoned. It’s a huge sign that someone doesn’t really want to talk to you. They didn’t even bother to open your message.

There are cases when someone intentionally ignores you. It’s true that getting no response at all is a response. Think deeply if that person is worth wasting your time upon – if not, forget about that ignored message. If yes, then try messaging them again – maybe they didn’t notice your message from a pool chats. You’ll never know.

Profile Picture Wars

This is one of the must-do in Facebook if you want people to notice you. The more likes, reacts, and comments you have on your Display Picture, the more popular you are! Your social status highly depends on what your picture looks like.

This is why photo shoots happen, in general. Aside from Instagram-worthy photos, you have to have a DP-worthy one that is worth hundreds of likes. If within a day or two and your picture haven’t garnered enough likes, then you have lost the war. But don’t worry, you can always try next time!

Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes, you just want to peacefully scroll through your news feed and watch random videos or read Thought Catalog articles. But you often get disturbed by popping sounds of chats, annoying! The key? Turn off chat to ALL friends.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by unnecessary sounds and irrelevant conversations, stay offline to your friends. In this way, you could see their messages but you have a choice if you will reply or not. When you don’t feel like replying, just leave their chat unanswered and proceed with what you’re doing. I need space, guys.

Comment sections, ugh

One of the struggles you cannot miss is the comment sections. Trolls, bashers, normal people – name all, you can see all of them on Facebook. There are those who just comment whatever they like from one post to another which are often marked as spam or reported by users.

The views and reactions of netizens usually have two kinds: the intellectual types full of sense and worthy to be read and the ‘cancerous’ ones which are purely opinionated and usually out of line. Be careful what you believe in terms of what you read because most of them are fake. If you don’t want to be bothered by hundreds of comments, better stay away from this section!

Irrelevant posts

Guys, not because you’re into the Social Media world, means you are entitled to share EVERY detail of your life. Believe us, not even a single friend of yours care if you just woke up or you had cooked that one meal you were trying for weeks now – not unless you have loyal followers who wants to keep updated about your life. But know your limits!

Posting from time to time is okay because that’s what people do on Facebook. But when you keep on posting every minute of every day – from your new shoes, means of transportation, color of the sky, or any random thing you see under the sun – it annoys everyone! Limit your post to significant moments of your life and people will surely notice it. Being a fame-whore is a no-no!

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