10 Stages You and Your BFF Go Through For A “Pak Na Pak” Profile Picture

“Teka, bes, higa ako sa sahig para maganda kuha!” Ring any bells?

Whether we admit it or not, we’re very conscious of how our profile pictures look like. We always want a pak na pak profile picture. ‘Yung tipong mapapa-heart si crush. But everyone knows it’s not an easy process. Getting that perfect shot is a struggle; a struggle we can’t face alone. We’re gonna need someone to take our photo for us. Ever supportive bestie to the rescue!

So for besties out there, here are 10 stages we’re sure you guys can relate to when trying to get that perfect social media profile picture.

Hahanap Kayo Ng Kabog Na Location

One of the most important things that make a good photo is the location. Part of the reason why people travel is to find that perfect backdrop. That one Instagramable location that will definitely up your Instagram game and make all of your followers jelly.

Aminin, umakyat ka lang ng bundok para mag-picture. But that’s okay; there’s no shame in that. At least, your search for the perfect location is giving you an active lifestyle. Keep at it!

Hindi Kayo Papatalo Sa Props

Of course you need props. What’s a beach picture without a sun hat, a swim ring, or even a surfboard, right? Props complete the whole picture; it gives it a feeling of legitimacy. So grab whatever you can that you think will give your picture a little extra kick.

You can utilize the elements as props, too. Kung kinakailangan na mayroong pumapaypay sa gilid for complete wind effect, gagawin! It’s magic what a little wind can do to a picture, don’t you think? You’re definitely gonna need bes for this one.

Gagawin Mo Ang Lahat Para Makuha ‘Yung Perfect Picture, As In Lahat

Gapang sa sahig? Lambitin sa hagdanan? Bending a la Matrix? You name it. You know you’ll do it all for the perfect shot, and so will your bestie. You’ll do everything even when people start looking at you funny. Pake ba nila, right? It’s your picture, not theirs.

Just make sure not to do any life-threatening stunts. God knows there are people who actually lost their lives while taking pictures.

Dapat Makaquota Ng 100 Pictures Per Location

One photo is never enough. You and your beshiecake know that if you want the perfect shot, you need to either change your camera settings to burst or continue to take photos while the weather or place is still looking good.

Kumbaga sa mga raffle draw, the more entries you send, the more chances of winning.

Side View And Angle Pa More

Background and props are just half of a perfect profile picture; you need a great angle and a killer pose, too.

So there’s the constant back-and-forth exchange between you and bes like, “Ano, bes, okay ba ‘to?”

“Tingala ka pa konti, bes.”


“Oo, ayan, perfect. Fierce lang, girl. ‘Wag kang ngumiti.”

You get the idea.

Pag Walang Kukuha Ng Group Picture, Timer Sabay Takbo Sa Harap Ng Camera

Of course, at some point, you and your bff are going to want a picture together, but if there’s no one around to take your photo, or you guys are just plain shy to ask some random stranger, you’re going to have to use your camera’s timer.

“Set-up ko na, bes. Pwesto ka na.” Then you press the shutter, run next to bestie, and pose. Click!

Magiging Instant Panel Of Judges Kung Okay Na ‘Yung Pictures

After taking a thousand and one pictures, you and your bff take a good 20-30 minutes reviewing the photos, praying at least one of them is good and worthy of uploading as your profile picture. Because if there isn’t, it means another photo shoot for at least a hundred more photos in the same location.

“Bes, ang taba ko naman dito!!”

“Girl, mataba ka talaga. Anong gusto mong gawin ko?”

Edit And Filter Like There’s No Tomorrow

After finding the photo you look best in, whether you admit it or not, you use at least three apps to edit it. #NoFilter is a hashtag you’ve never used. Of course while editing and picking out filters, every now and then you’ll turn to beshiewap and say, “Bes, ano mas magandang filter? Ito o ito?”

“Bes, parang parehas lang…”

“Uy, Credit Mo Ko Ah

A great photo doesn’t just mean a great model, but also a great photographer.

Give credit where credit’s due. “Hoy, girl, i-credit mo ko ha!”

Tag mo si beshie sa caption mo. Don’t wait for her to comment, “Ay ang ganda ng kuha, ganda rin siguro ng kumuha. Sino kaya?”

Moment Of Truth

The moment of truth, also known as the moment you finally upload and change your profile picture. The profile picture that you and besz worked so hard to produce.

Only five seconds after uploading and you’re already refreshing your profile, checking if someone liked or commented on it already. You keep refreshing until finally you see the first like–it’s bessy. Then the comments and likes pour in, and you’re happy because they like it. You did it! Congrats!

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