10 Songs You Can Relate To Kung Hindi Ikaw ‘Yong Pinili Ng Mahal Mo

10 Songs You Can Relate To Kung Hindi Ikaw ‘Yong Pinili Ng Mahal Mo


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We all have that one person whom we loved but a.) didn’t love us back, b.) left us, c.) chose somebody else. We just can’t understand why we have to be in situations like that. However, many of us are thankful that we have shoulders to cry on like our friends and family and sometimes, we can even find comfort in listening to music.

Thinking happy thoughts when you’re broken and jaded is indeed a big help but crying your feelings out is also therapeutic. Here’s a list of 10 songs you can relate to kung hindi ikaw ‘yung pinili ng mahal mo; be it over another person, career, or other reasons he/she may have:

Malaya by Moira Dela Torre

Ever felt tired of waiting for someone who seems like never gonna come?

Ever felt tired of loving someone who can’t love you back no matter how big and grand your sacrifices are?

“Malaya” is a song for anyone who choose to let go instead of holding on after growing out of waiting. This song is for every gal and dude out there who’s brave enough to let go of their special someone just to see them happy. Malaya is a song that talks about the biggest sacrifice you could ever give to someone you love. From the title itself, its gist is setting someone free, thus “Malaya ka na.”

“Pasensya na,
kung papatulugin na muna
ang pusong napagod

Happier by Ed Sheeran

“Happier” describes a man who broke up with a girl but later on realizes that he still loves her ex. But then he learned that the girl he broke up with has already found someone new. Just like Moira’s “Malaya”, Happier is also about setting someone free. I know, it’s hard to let someone go especially if you still love them, but you are willing to give them the happiness they deserve even if it doen’t involve you anymore.

“‘Cause baby you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you…”

Pusong Ligaw by Jona

Originally, this heart wrenching song was sang by Jericho Rosales. But below is the version of Jona, and just like the original song, this version could send us heart breaking feels.

The song talks about someone who can’t seem to forget the memories shared with a person who’s not a part his/her life anymore. There’s a saying that goes like “past is past”. This means that you shouldn’t be talking about your past because it all meant to be forgotten, it’s finished. But this song explains that no matter how far we may wander, we can never really fully forget our past experiences, or the people who’s involved in the previous chapters of our lives. Thing song explicitly showed us that there will always be that one person who we’ll keep coming back to.

“Ikaw parin ang hanap ng pusong ligaw,
Ikaw ang patutunguhan at pupuntahan…”

Kung Mahal Mo Siya by Kath Loria

Have you ever been in a situation where your feelings aren’t reciprocated but you’re willing to stay anyway? Originally, the song is by Jay-R, but Kath Loria’s rendition of this song is as painful as the original. “Ang martir, binabaril sa Luneta”, we often hear this phrase from our friends whenever we try to put our special someone before ourselves. No one knows, why love works in the most complicated way, but this song talks about someone who’s willing to be an option for a person who already has someone new.

Bes sobrang sakit na, pero sige, kasi mahal kita.

“Kung mahal mo siya
ay pipilitin kong
Di mo makita na di ko kaya…”

Pansamantala by Callalily

If you constantly feel like you’re just an option and you’re being taken for granted, this song by Callalily is going to make you feel things. This will also be a major feels trip for those people who are in an MU kind of relationship a.k.a. Mutual Understanding a.k.a. Malabong Usapan a.k.a. Maling Ugnayan.

In this song, Kean enumerates what the other guy have and what he doesn’t have. In this song you are fully aware that you are an option, but you are choosing to stay. You chose to stay beside her so she will always have a shoulder to cry on whenever she’s hurt. In short, abangers ka bes.

“Pansamantalang unan
sa tuwing ika’y nahihirapan,
Pansamantalang panyo
sa tuwing ika’y nasasaktan…”

Kung Ako Nalang Sana by Kaye Cal feat. Maya and Michael Pangilinan

Have you ever tried begging “ako na lang piliin mo” to the one you love? Have you ever tried asking him/her “Bakit kasi hindi na lang ako?”. If yes, then you could really relate to this song.

Kung ako na lang sana is an original song by Bituin Escalante, and it’s already painful. And with this Kaye Cal (with Maya and Michael Pangilinan) version, the pain of pleading your special someone to choose you was emphasized more. Mas tumagos hanggang buto. This song is basically about the times when you feel like you’re the best for the person you love, it feels like you are willing to do everything to make him/her happy and offer him/her all the finest things in life, but the thing is, hindi ikaw ‘yung pinili, hindi ikaw yung mahal so you end up singing “kung ako nalang sana” and wish that you could tell the one you love everything you feel.

“Kung ako nalang sana ang ‘yong minahal,
di ka na muling mag-iisa
Kung ako nalang sana ang ‘yong minahal,
di ka na muling luluha pa…”

Pakisabi Na Lang by Aiza Siguerra

As much as you want to tell someone how you feel towards them, you can’t ’cause they’re already happy with somebody else. This song of Aiza covered by Kristel Fulgar talks about someone who can sacrifice his/her own happiness just so his/her special someone would be happy. Pakisabi na lang is about telling the person you love him/her without the intention of fighting for your own happiness, with planning to destroy their relationship. It is about accepting that the person you love is already taken and you are willing to get hurt just so he/she can stay happy, because your loved one’s happiness becomes your happiness too, right?

Can I Be Him by James Arthur

While some people silently wish they could be with the people they love, the man in this song is begging for him to be the one. This is about fighting for your right to be happy, by making the girl you love see that she deserves more, and that more is you. It’s like telling her that you deserve her more because of the things you would do for her, that you can offer much more than the person she is with right now.

Ever felt like showing love and affection towards the person you love but you can’t ’cause you don’t have the right to?

“I heard there was someone but I know he don’t deserve you
If you were mine I’d never let anyone hurt you…”

Kung Ako Ba Siya by Khalil Ramos

Being the “hindi pinili” will always put you in a situation wherein you’ll compare yourself to the one who was lucky enough to be chosen. This song constantly talks about a comparison to the person who was loved back and asking if becoming the person she wants right now, will make her love you. So if you feel like you love him with all your heart, bakit hindi nalang ikaw?

“Kung ako ba siya
mapapansin mo?
Kung ako ba siya
mamahalin mo?”

Someday by Nina

While others are mourning over being an option and not being chosen, this song is about self-worth and self love which serves as a friendly reminder to everyone that not just because you weren’t chosen doesn’t mean you’re not worth it. Someday is about giving yourself the love you deserve. The song is about building yourself again after going out into a ‘toxic’ relationship.

So, we should all believe that not being chosen or being dumped may be painful, but it will surely open up a door for us to find something better we definitely deserve.

“Someday, someone’s gonna love me
the way I wanted you to need me
Someday, someone’s gonna take your place…”

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