10 Situations That Will Make You Sing “Ikaw Na Ba Si Mr. Right?”

Paano mo ba malalaman kung siya na ba si Mister Right? Kung sya na ba ang icing sa ibabaw ngcupcake mo?

They say that love is the best feeling anybody can experience. During the stage of courting and dating, at one point you’ll probably ask your self the questions above. However, to be honest, no one can actually be 100% sure whether a guy is the one.

All you can be sure of is what you feel when you’re with the guy. Those feelings are real and if they make you happy, then he might as well be Mister Right, right? With that in mind, here are 10 situations that will definitely make you sing Kim Chiu’s hit song.

You Can Confidently Say Goodbye To Ex

Ex who?

When you’re together, your ex is suddenly completely out of the picture and your mind. All you can think about is new guy. New guy’s lips, his hair, his eyes, his scent. You get the idea.

Because let’s face it, hassle mag-move on. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to stop thinking about someone who was once your whole world. However, if a new person can make you feel absolute bliss and push your ex out of your mind without even trying, then he’s a keeper.

No Awkward Silences

Comfortable silence is the best silence there is. When you enter a relationship where you don’t have to fill in all the quiet gaps and dead air, you have something good going on there.

When you are not talking to each other or just doing other things, but somehow can still feel a connection sans the verbal communication. Like your heart is talking to each other. Wow. Cheesy, yes, but you know you want it. Admit it!

Gets Ka Niya

At one point in your life, you will meet a person that effortlessly and instantly understand what you’re trying to say or what you’re feeling even when you’re being vague or ambiguous. It’s like the sixth sense. It’s like he can read your mind.

And the more time you spend with the guy, the better he gets at reading you. And you, too–you get him too. You just get each other and everything’s just so wonderful.

You Can Be Your Self

Being with him, you can express your full self without reservations and hesitations. There’s never a moment of judgement kahit mag-tumbling ka sa harap niya randomly.

And that’s how it’s supposed to be. What’s a relationship where you can’t be your self? Yeah, okay, you act all prim and proper, even when that’s not who you really are, and he falls in love with you, but it’s not really you. That doesn’t seem right. The moment you start acting like your usual self, he will leave you.

You’re A Priority

Sa wakas, hindi ka lang number one for him–you’re the only one. Even during times of struggle, iniisip ka niya and he always tries to make time to be with you.

Doesn’t it feel great? Someone’s treating you like a princes–a queen, even–other than your dad. Pero syempre, ‘wag maging abusado. Don’t become a brat even when he’s spoiling you. Also, if he’s treating you like a queen, treat him like a king as well. Love is a two-way street.

He Will Always Be There If You Need Him

‘Yung lagi syang nandyan, kailangan mo man sya o hindi. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to about your day, you can always count on him.

You don’t even bother thinking whether he’ll show up or not when you need him; you just know he will. He’s like a real knight in shining armor, and that’s what you want. Not some douche who’ll only be with you during the good time, and leave you during the bad.

He Understands The Importance Of Family

As Filipinos, family is always first. Being a family-oriented person is one of the most important things to look for in a guy. And it’s not just about him earning the approval of your family, it’s also about him treating them as his family as well.

After all, if he is the one, he will one day be a part of the family.

He Feels Like Home

You just feel comfortable and safe when you’re with him. Doesn’t matter where you guys are, as long as you’re together, you never feel homesick. When you’re apart, you’re not complete.

That’s all well and good, just make sure not to become too clingy. That’s annoying. Also, don’t forget the rest of the world even when you start feeling that he’s your whole universe.

He Makes Rainy Days Brighter

Life in general is not perfect; we undergo days that aren’t good and experiences that are difficult. But having somebody that can make us laugh and smile is priceless.

‘Yung napapatawa ka nya kahit down na down ka. He has this ability to make your shitty day better without even trying. Like he’s got some strange magic or has a weird spell on you. You just can’t help it, and it’s so wonderful.

There Aren’t Enough Words

When all the words in the whole Filipino and English dictionary combined are still not enough to describe how you feel about him. When friends ask you about him you can talk all day and night–24 hours isn’t enough. Even when you’re friends are no longer interested–and you’ve noticed–you still can’t stop talking. They hate it, but they’re jealous. Everyone wants what you have.

Just don’t go borderline obsessed, okay?

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