10 Situations That Will Make You Sing “Ikaw Na Ba Si Mr. Right?”


Paano mo ba malalaman kung siya na ba si Mister Right? Kung sya na ba ang icing sa ibabaw ngcupcake mo?

They say that love is the best feeling anybody can experience. During the stage of courting and dating, at one point you’ll probably ask your self the questions above. However, to be honest, no one can actually be 100% sure whether a guy is the one.

All you can be sure of is what you feel when you’re with the guy. Those feelings are real and if they make you happy, then he might as well be Mister Right, right? With that in mind, here are 10 situations that will definitely make you sing Kim Chiu’s hit song.

10You Can Confidently Say Goodbye To Ex

Ex who?

When you’re together, your ex is suddenly completely out of the picture and your mind. All you can think about is new guy. New guy’s lips, his hair, his eyes, his scent. You get the idea.

Because let’s face it, hassle mag-move on. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to stop thinking about someone who was once your whole world. However, if a new person can make you feel absolute bliss and push your ex out of your mind without even trying, then he’s a keeper.



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