10 Situations That Will Make You Say “Tara, Inom!”

10 Situations That Will Make You Say “Tara, Inom!”


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If you’re one of the people who thinks that inuman is the solution to every problem there is, cheers! Alcohol may not be able to solve our problems but at least it can help us forget for a little while; some sort of a temporary cure, right? While some people think that only special occasions call for an inuman session, we believe that ordinary days with extraordinary happenings call for the need of alcohol, and good company of course.

Here are 10 situations that’ll drive you to call your squad and blurt out “Tara, inom!”:

Mababang Grades

All of us—grade-conscious or not—don’t want to see the big red mark on your test papers, so it’s okay to get a little bit depressed when the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to your academic life. They say college is preparing you for the “real world” but you know that as long as you have alcohol by your side, you can survive whatever world it might be! Just remember to get back on track after a few shots… or not so few, maybe?

Mataas Na Grades

You know that minor subject na feeling major, na hindi mo mapasa-pasa kasi terror ‘yung professor? Doesn’t it feel amazing to finally receive a passing or even high grade after trying over and over again? After working hard and pulling consecutive all-nighters, why don’t you reward yourself a cold, bitter-sweet beer? If you know you deserve it, go and get it, girl!

May Girlfriend Na Si Crush

You know you’re head-over-heels for someone when you’re starting to wake up earlier than usual just to be extra in preparing your OOTD. But, we all have our bad days and yours turns out to be the day that your crush changes his relationship status from “Single” to “In A Relationship”. Who wouldn’t want to drown themselves in beer after seeing that? It’s okay, girl, kahit naman may jowa na si Crush A, we all know you still have Crush B and the rest of the alphabet.

Bagong Sweldo

Say goodbye to petsa de peligro and spend some of that money you worked hard for! You and your officemates deserve a chill inuman session every once in a while but if you’re feeling ecstatic, gear up and parteeeeey!

Stressed kay Boss

Overtime with no additional pay? Approaching deadlines? Working over the weekend? Your boss really has the tendency to stress you out sometimes, so just give yourself some space and grab a bottle of alcohol. Just remember to conquer your hangover the day after and finish your boss’ orders ’cause you need to keep your job since there’s such a thing we call adulthood.

Family Problems

Big or small, all of us have our own family problems so before things get out of hand, try stepping out of the house and getting some fresh air matched with your favorite drink to cool down. There’s no point in arguing especially with people you live under one roof with, so calm yourself first and settle things when you’re not mad anymore. Family is family after all, right?


Reunion with old friends and beshies call for a grand celebration! Not seeing each other for a while piles up stories and each of you surely wants to share your own, so why not accompany yourselves with drinks? It’s gonna be a long night!

May Birthday

You know the rule, girls, ‘pag birthday ni beshie, sleepover sa bahay nila with matching food and drinks. Don’t forget to bring your favorite movies ’cause it’ll definitely be a lit girls’ night out!

Heavy Breakup

2 months? 6 months? 1 year and 10 months? No matter how long the relationship was, a breakup is a breakup, so don’t forget na tawagan si bes at sabihan siyang magdala ng drinks. If she’s a real beshie, she’ll know right away about what’s going on.

Walang Ng Pera

Have you reached the point of your life when you’ve spent all your money and all you can do is survive petsa de peligro? You know you’re miserable when you’re thinking of spending your last few bills on alcohol so that you can forget that, well, those are your last few bills. Just remember to save a little bit for your meals a.k.a. isaw sa kanto + bugong na kanin.

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