Shet, 20 na ko!!!!! What am I doing with my life?!?!?! This is probably one of your nightmares when you realize that you are done being a teenager and actually entering adulthood. These years are your boundary line into the real world – jobs, bills, travel, and relationships.

With age comes great responsibilities, as well. But hey young fellow, you still have time to figure things out and enjoy your life. Do not close your mind in the notion that you should already set everything straight right at this very moment. Read on!

10If you’re single, be proud of it.

There’s nothing wrong with being single at this time of your life. Maybe you just got out of a toxic relationship, you are not ready for a commitment, or you’re just waiting for the icing of your cupcake – it’s okay to enjoy the feeling of being unattached to anyone romantically.

Let this be the time to enrich your self-love and self-growth by doing things on your own – or with your family and friends. You are not alone, and you shouldn’t be lonely, even if you don’t have a special someone. Make yourself special and you won’t feel lacking – because you’re not!