10 Signs That You’re Hanging Out With A Fake Friend

Friendship is one the most precious things that one can have in life. Having a friend means you won’t have to deal with everything in life alone, particularly during trying situations. They’ll be there to cheer you up when you’re down, celebrate with you during your proud moments and pretty much like a family to you.

Unfortunately, not all our so-called friends are real. They could be friends with you only because they need something from you and they don’t really care about you or they could be friends with you just to destroy you by talking behind your back.

No one wants to have a fake friend. To help you spot and avoid them, here are 10 signs that you should watch out for:

They Don’t Listen To You

A true friend is willing to talk about his problems and listen when being talked to. Talking is a two road. So, if your friend only wants to talk about their problems and not listen to yours, then they don’t really care about you.

If your friend keeps going on and on about only about themselves and when it’s your turn to talk they don’t really listen, or worse, butts in even before you finish your thought, cut them off.

They Push You To Make Wrong Decisions

Fake friends will drag you down and discourage you to choose right decisions in life. Real friends will push you to do better and make the right decisions in life.

You’ll know they’re fake when they’re not really concerned about you. They won’t care even if you look bad as long as they can save face. They will drag you down if it means they will rise up.

They Put Your Friendship In Jeopardy During Hard Times

They’ll treat you bad when things go south and they’ll leave you behind in a heartbeat when it get out of their control. That’s just how they roll, you know.

The moment you’re of no use to them anymore, they will leave you behind. For them, you’re just a thing they can use, once you’ve lost your value, you’ll see their true colors.

They Criticize You Just To Make Them Look Good

Instead of admiring the things you achieved, they’ll find a way to expose its flaws. They’ll never be happy for you unless they become more successful than you are.

They’re insecure. Your success is a threat to them if it means you’re outshining them. If they can, they will sabotage your achievements. So, do be careful. Don’t trust so easily.

They’re Nice When They Need Something In Return

If they don’t need anything from you then you’re no good to them. They won’t talk to you unless they need something from you. Simple as that.

However, if it’s you who need something from the, you can’t reach them. They’ll ignore you. Especially if it’s something important? If they do get back to you, it’s probably days late or something.

They Force You To Agree With Them

Your opinion doesn’t matter, your friends with them for as long as you agree with their opinion. They are always right; you are always wrong.

You can’t win with these people. Because they’re the only winners to their eyes. You’re just a minion. You’re just a Gretchen Wieners or a Karen Smith to their Regina George. You don’t have a say about anything.

They Manipulate You

Your perspective doesn’t matter. They will force you to choose one thing over another even if it will only benefit them. And if you argue with it, then your friendship is over. Their way is the only way.

These people think that people who don’t agree with them have loose screws, when it’s really them who are nuts. So, if you can stomach it, stay, if you can’t leave. Cut those toxic pitches off, you don’t need them.

They Expect You To Sacrifice Everything For Them

They’re expecting you to drop everything whenever they ask you a favor. Whether it’s your career, relationship, family, it doesn’t matter. As if they should be your top priority.

Most of the time these people are narcissists and think the world orbits around them. They think they’re at the center of the whole universe and those that who think otherwise are irrelevant.

They Keep Score

They record every favor that they did for you and use it as leverage on you. They will count each and everything that they’ve done for you; the gifts they gave you, the favors they did for you, everything. They keep track of them

Your friendship’s foundation is that and that alone. If you can’t do anything for them in return for the things they’ve done for you, you guys are over. Just like that.

They Don’t Keep Their Words

Don’t you just hate it when someone can’t keep his promises? Giving you false hope that will eventually lead to disappointment. They don’t value their words to you simply because it won’t matter whether you stay as their friend or not.

Well, what did you expect, they’re snakes. Nothing comes out of their mouths but venom, so don’t listen to them. Don’t be the Eve to their serpent in Eden.

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