If you Googled the phrase “Filipino love quotes” online, of course, it’d come back with millions of “Filipino love quotes” results. However, only a very small percentage of those results would be positive. Majority of them would be bitter and just downright depressing. These are not love quotes—well they are still, in a way, quotations about love, but not quite. Instead of celebrating love and the joys it brings, it does the exact opposite.

These are called hugots, and the people who spread them are called hugot queens (or kings, but in this article, we’re focusing on queens). Some people do this intentionally and know that they are queens, but there are also some who just plain don’t have any idea. So, if you are the latter and aren’t sure whether you are hugot royalty or not, here are 10 signs to know for sure.

10Wala Kang Lovelife

Well, of course, hugot queens don’t have kings. The Queendom of Hugot is a matriarchal monarchy. The absence of a man in a woman’s life is where a hugot queen gets her hugot powers.

If you’re single and hesitant to mingle because you’re still hung up on your ex and if your inspiration to all your hugot soliloquys is said ex, wear your crown, girl, you are a hugot queen.