10 Signs That You’re A Kuripot Ninang

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For most of us, being a God-parent of a child is considered as a blessing. But Christmas is fast approaching and you can’t deny the fact that the amount of God-children you have multiplies. You’re quickly turning into a stressed and bankrupt ninang. With so many Godchildren to remember, we understand that it’s not all that easy to give each kid a gift. But as children, we’ve also been on the other side of the coin and experienced having a “kuripot ninangs“, so we’ve listed 10 signs to see how you are doing on the “kuripot ninang” scale:

1. Hide-and-seek Is Your Ultimate Game

You suddenly feel sick or instantly disappear when you hear that your Godchildren are coming. Seems like a case of hide-and-seek with them whenever you aren’t ready with your gifts.

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