10 Rules For The Ultimate Conyo Conversations

The world is full of different dialects and languages that we could all use. For example in our country, we could use both Tagalog and English to communicate to the majority. But sometimes, because of our too much ‘creativity’, we tend to mix these two language. And that’s what we call “Conyo”.

And if you want to join conyo conversations, here are some rules that you should follow.

Never Forget To Speak In Taglish

The English portion of the conversation shows the conyo-nism while the Tagalog portion will make it seem like you’re making an effort not to be full on “Englishera”. The mix of the two contributes to the ultimate conyo conversation starter.

Use The Key Words “Like”, “Make”, “Literally” and “Talaga” Often

Because you know, like, you have to literally make an effort talaga! Using all three key words in one sentence will earn you the conyo status right away.

Repeating Words That Shouldn’t Be Repeated Is Actually Encouraged

As a tip, combine key words with repetitive words. For example: Make tusok-tusok the fishball or mention how he’s like super-super pogi.

Remember Your Dictionary of Conyo Brands

A few of the most famous conyo brands would be Starbucks, Froyo, Jamba Juice, Salad Stop, and Uber.

Know Your Conyo Landmarks

The current plotted conyo destinations are Greenbelt, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, UP Town, BF, High Street, Valkyrie and Cubao-X. Spending time in these places will step up the content of your conyo conversations as you can mention such hangout spots.

You Must Exaggerate The Way You Pronounce Words

You know the terms, you must also know the tone. This is a very important aspect in conyo conversation as the deliverance is one of the biggest contributors to your conyo meter.

When Shocked, The Appropriate Way To React Is “Oh My Gosh” or “O-M-G”

This is highly applicable when you meet a friend in the mall or drop something on the floor, for ladies, saying the expression in high-pitch that is almost deafening is always helpful.

You Must Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Everything

You either really love something or really hate it, in a conyo conversation, having a neutral feeling about something is not common. So it’s either you super love partying in Valk (that’s short for Valkyrie) or you super hate that your white Adidas aren’t super white anymore.

It Is Expected That You Mention At Least One First World Problem In Every Conversation

Like when your car totally won’t start so you had to Uber all the way to work and the surge was crazy. Totally hassle. This shows that you legitimately undergo conyo experiences and will enrich your conyo language.

Never Ever Forget To Make Perfectly Constructed Words Into Incorrect Short Terms

When you think a word can no longer be shortened, think again. There will always be a shorter way to describe a place, person or event. For example: Let’s get Starbs (Starbucks), we can get the Ubes (Uber) from my condo but like, let’s punta to the branch in High Street kasi I super love it there.

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