10 Reasons Why You’re Better Off Single

Being single sometimes can be feel extremely boring and lonely, but maybe that’s because you haven’t considered the perks of that lifestyle. The idea of spending your life with someone special is a pretty great one, but here are ten reasons why you’re better off single.

You Pay More Attention To Your Health

Usually, couples pay less attention to what they eat than single people do. It’s not unusual to find two love birds indulging in some ice cream before a movie date or even experimenting with different recipes just to impress each other.

Romantic as it may, all be, you tend to gain a lot of extra weight. And since you’ve already found someone who loves you as you are, you won’t be interested in losing it. However, when you’re single, you’ll want and need to stay in shape in order to attract some attention.

You’re Focused On Your Goals

Single women who have no familial responsibilities are more likely to excel in life than women in relationships.

This is simply because all you really have to focus on is your goals, and not what your boyfriend or husband might be doing with his friends on their night out.

You Have More Free Time

Single women spend considerably less time on chores than their counterparts in relationships. This is obviously because there is no one for them to pick up after. We all know or have heard about how messy men can be, and it’s even worse when they’re in a relationship because they know someone is going to clean up the mess.

So imagine all the free time you’ll have on your hands simply because you have less chores to do. You can utilize that time to hone a new skill, catch up with your friends or even sleep!

Your Finances Are Your Business

One very important aspect of being in a relationship is disclosing your financial information to your partner, because if you share a bed, you’ll eventually share your money. This can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re both working equally hard to climb that social ladder. You won’t be able to make impromptu purchases because you know that it will cause problems.

However, if you’re single, you can splurge on those shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while without having to worry about your partner calling you out for your vanity. And as we know, nothing makes a sour day sweet like a shoe splurge.

You Rest Better

Cuddling next to a warm body is a pretty good feeling, but it also causes you to sleep less. As it turns out, single people have an extra 12 hours of sleep a month compared to their married counterparts, and it’s not just because of the shared bed space. We all know that every couple has its rocky patches and these usually take a toll on their sleep.

If you don’t rest well, your concentration won’t be at peak, you’ll be less creative and your immune system won’t be fully charged. So being single not only gives you a chance to sprawl all over your bed, but it also gives your brain the extra boost that your married colleague doesn’t have.

The Risk Of Depression Is Lowered

Studies done by the American Psychological Association have shown that married women, especially those with children, have a higher chance of being depressed than single women. This is because once a woman becomes a wife and a mother, her life is no longer solely dedicated to her. She loses herself in her duties, and today, women are trying really hard to balance a fulfilling career, their wifely duties and their maternal duties.

This puts a lot of pressure on them, which in turn can lead to depression. Being single allows you to give to yourself, and this is what most married women lack, and need.

You Maintain Better Friendships

It’s a good feeling to have a man by your side, but more often than not, your friends tend to dwindle once you get into a serious relationship. Friendships are important to have, as you find that you don’t just end up relying on one person to meet your needs.

When you’re single, your social circles will widen. You’ll also learn that having many different people in your life means that you don’t know who’s there to stay, and this will make you even more self-reliant.

You’re Life Will Be More Interesting

Being single gives you a chance to expand your horizons. You’ll visit all kinds of different places and you’ll also get the chance to meet many people.

This means that the next time you have dinner with your friends you’ll have something more interesting to talk about than how you and your boyfriend got into a fight and are currently not speaking to each other.


Relationships can be pretty invasive. There’s always someone who’s going to randomly go through your phone, browse through your emails and leave the toilet seat up while they’re at it.

When you’re single, your phone doesn’t need a password anymore and in today’s world, nothing screams out ‘freedom’ more than an unlocked phone.

You Get To Know Yourself Better

Most people who marry when they’re young often doing it while wrapped up in some sort of fairy tale delusion that love is all it takes to keep a relationship alive. When you’re single and you go out with a couple of guys, you learn that there are things that you’ll like and there are things you won’t stand for.

This gives you the insight to choose a partner who will love you the way you want and need in the future, because you had some time alone to figure it out yourself. You’ll also learn how to love yourself as you are, even when there’s no one else to love you. When the time is right, you’ll find someone to love you and your relationship will be just as good, if not better, than your single life.

Don’t feel so bad if you don’t have someone to cuddle and share love messages with. As long as you love yourself, you will never feel alone.

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