10 Reasons Why Your First Crush Is Still Your Crush

Crushes. Let’s be honest and face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had our first crush and we have experienced the feeling of kilig every time we see them either walking in front of our classroom, playing basketball in the court, eating with friends in the cafeteria, reading a book in the library or just simply standing around a corner. But of course we don’t always stay in grade school or in high school, and obviously, years have passed and we went to our different paths.

For some reason, our first crush lingers even after many years. But did it ever came across your mind that up until now, whenever you think of him you ask yourself, “Why is he still my crush?” To make it simple, we’ve counted down the list of possible reasons why your first crush is still your crush, and here they are.

You Still Think About Him

And you still wonder why you still like him? It’s not easy to forget someone especially if that someone is a person you really liked and admired. This is probably one of the most common out of all the reasons we can name. Sure you do have other guys you admire, maybe a celebrity or a college crush, but sometimes you can’t help but think about your first crush.

The first person to make you feel that certain kilig, the first person to make your heart flutter or maybe the first person to even break your heart (without him knowing it).

You Always See Him

Whether it’s in person or through social media accounts, it doesn’t matter, your feelings for him cannot be blocked by mere distance. Seeing the person you like will result to a possibility of you still liking him. People say that long distance relationships often end up bad. But when it comes to your first crush this doesn’t apply to you.

Just a glimpse of his face across the hallway from school and the floodgates open, crushing over him again. From time to time his presence leaves your mind but when you see of him, your feelings are betraying you again.

You’re Still Hoping

Honestly, nothing will happen to your moving on stage if you still have that tiny bit of hope hidden in your heart, in short umaasa ka pa. No one blames you though because after all no one says you are not allowed to hope (hindi naman bawal ang umasa, ate girl, ‘wag lang palagi).

After all, what can you do? You’re an optimistic person; it’s in your nature. You hope, and you hope, and you hope, and you get hurt in the end. Oh, well.

You Still Talk About Him To Your Friends

Talk about chika moments with your barkada, your love life will always be present and opening the topic about your first crush is unavoidable at times. It will be like reminiscing the past, which will either make you look like you are still hoping, but hey, no one is judging.

It just so happens that when you talk about your first crush you can’t help but relive your feelings for him, which sometimes makes you question yourself.

You Stalk Him Online

Of course, you’re connected online; you’re friends on Facebook and Snapchat, and you follow him on Twitter and Instagram. It’s very tempting to just browse his profile for hours on end. You tell your self, “I’m not stalking him, I’m just curious about what he did the other day, that’s all.”

That’s all well and good, just make sure to not get hurt if you see a photo or a post you don’t like. A photo of him and another girl, for example.

He’s A Close Friend

Everyone probably dreams to be friends with their respective crush, and if this is the reason why you still have feelings for your first crush, then you hit the jackpot. You spend time with him, you get to talk to him, girl, you have the chance, but truth is, the pain of being friendzoned hits you hard (ouch).

If you guys are friends, chances are you’re just going to be friends. You’re in the friendzone, girl. Just enjoy you’re stay there. At the very least, you get to be with your crush.

You Never Say No To Him

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small favor or just hanging out together, you can never say no to him. You just don’t have it in you to see him disappointed. So you always say yes, and you wonder why he’s still your crush?

Well, who can blame you? No one can say no to those puppy dog eyes, anyway. Even when your role in you get together is a third wheel.

You Grew Up Together

Though this doesn’t apply to all girls out there, some would still relate. You guys grew up up together, you were magkababata or childhood friends. He would always protect you (sweet) when you were kids; you were classmates since grade school up until high school and even college.

Basically, this talks about the time you have spent together and even though he undergoes changes, it only makes you more attracted to him.

He’s Just So Freaking Cute

The original reason why you crushed on him in the first place i because he’s so goddamn cute. Everything about him is cute; he’s hair, his eyes, his nose, his lips, his voice, his laugh, his butt, his everything.

He’s just so perfect in your eyes. How can you stop crushing on him when he gets cuter every time you see him? If only he would get ugly, right? But it seems impossible.

No One Compares To Him

Out of all the guys you’ve had a crush on, your first crush still stands out. Whatever sensible reason you have for feeling that way, no one questions that. His appeal and charm have made it through your heart and is stuck there for who knows how long.

One thing is for sure, even though you can’t have him, even though he won’t even spare you a second glance, no one could ever replace him in your heart.

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