10 Reasons Why Hanggang Friends Na Lang Kayo Ni Crush

10 Reasons Why Hanggang Friends Na Lang Kayo Ni Crush


Tanza Receives School Building From SM

SM Prime, through SM Foundation, formally turned over a two-story, four-classroom school building to Punta Elementary School (PES) in Tanza, Cavite on November 20, 2020

Legislators Take Steps To End Child Marriage In The Philippines

Because of the increasing cases of child marriage in the last 6 months, Philippine legislators have recently united to end child marriage in the country.

Amid Rising Suicides, A Province Acts To Bolster Mental, Emotional Health

Iloilo province’s “Isip Kalasag” initiative aims to combat the rising cases of suicide in Iloilo by “developing, training and capacitating mental health warriors."

World Vision Relief Ops To Cagayan And Isabela Underway

World Vision continues its various relief efforts for communities in Cagayan and Isabela province that have been severely affected the recent typhoons.

We live in a fast-paced world where culture is slowly changing; going against the norm wherein men always make the first move is no longer that big of a big deal. Still, it takes a lot of guts for women to make the first move and pave the way for more with the guys they like.

But what if even after doing everything you can to impress him, like dolling up just for him, laughing at his corny jokes, stroking his massive ego, and even sharing your food with him, he still won’t like you back?

Well, don’t put your self down, sis; it’s not you, it’s probably him. Here are 10 classic reasons why he doesn’t like you like you.

He Doesn’t Want To Ruin Your Friendship

If you guys have been friends for a long time, this is most probably the reason why he doesn’t want to enter a relationship with you. Guys don’t often have platonic female friends, you know. If guys are friends with a girl, 99% of the time, they like the said girl and have plans to be more than friends. However, if you’ve been friends with a guy for a considerable amount of time already, but he still hasn’t made a move on you, chances are you’re the 1%, also known as one of the boys.

Your crush doesn’t see you as the lovely woman you are anymore. You’re in the friend-zone. Even if you tell him straight to his face that you like him and want to have his kids, he’s probably just gonna laugh it off because he values your friendship so much.

He’s A Perfectionist

Perfectionists have this strong sense of purpose that often results to really high ideals. They often think very highly of themselves and lowly of you. Perfectionists would find faults in you; don’t be offended, though, they’re like this to everyone.

If your crush is a perfectionist, he probably think he’s too good for you or you’re not good enough for him. But, darling, believe me, you are wonderful; he’s just too much of a narcissist to notice.

They’re not worth it, girl. So cut your losses and move on.

He’s Not Yet Ready For A Commitment

Commitment is a big word.

Committing means dedicating your time and energy to something or someone, and a lot of men are terrified of this. Men are just big boys anyway; all they wanna do is have fun and party. They don’t want any of that going serious stuff. For some, commitment and monogamy are very scary concepts that they would like to avoid probably until they’re 40.

If your crush has this phobia, run; you’re just wasting your time. Because even if he relents and you get into a romantic relationship with him, chances are he’s just gonna cheat on you. You don’t deserve that, hun.

He’s Afraid To Love Again

Truth is, loving someone can hurt so much that it can cause unexplainable pain. Who knows, your crush might still be suffering from his previous relationship, and just isn’t ready for a new one. His painful past may be the very reason why he can’t find the strength to love again–just yet at least.

It’s up to you if you want to wait this out. Because he will, of course, move on at some point. If you wanna be there when that happens, go ahead. Just bear in mind, though, that it’s not gonna be easy. Expect a lot of mentions of his ex, which, if you really like the guy, won’t be pleasant.

He Has Bad Taste

Girl, you’re a queen; you’re gorgeous and amazing. If your crush ain’t seeing this, it’s on him. He probably has terrible taste in girls. Don’t put yourself down if your crush continues to ignore you even after all your efforts for him to notice you. You’re probably just not his type; maybe he likes ogre-ish girls (or boys). It’s 2018, who knows?

If the dude ain’t appreciating your God-given beauty and allure, find another one. He ain’t all that; keep that in mind.

He Thinks The Both Of You Are Not Compatible

This is rare, but it happens. Maybe after getting to know you, you’re crush felt like you guys aren’t compatible. Maybe you liked the movies he didn’t. Maybe you talked too much about being a vegan. Maybe your taste in music was the pole opposite of his.

Yes, they say that opposites attract and all that, but do you really want to be with someone who likes Digimon, when you like Pokemon? You might say yes now, but wait till he says Agumon is way better than Pikachu. See if you still like him then.

He’s Just Manhid

There are men who are just dumb as sticks. Well, not intellectually, okay? But like when it comes to reading signs. They’re just plain oblivious, so don’t get offended or hurt if your papansin moves are going unnoticed. They just need a little more push. So step up your game. Take it to the next level, girl.

Ask him out. Give him flowers. Serenade him outside his house. See if he still doesn’t get that you’re into him then. Just make sure to tone down the aggressiveness a bit once he gets the idea.

He Already Has A Girlfriend

Girl, before you obsess on a guy, make sure he’s single! Because no matter what flirting or peacocking you do, if he has a girlfriend and he’s loyal to said girlfriend, you don’t have a chance. Or maybe you do. Just keep in mind that in the event that he falls for your seductions and leaves his girlfriend for you, you’ll be forever branded a homewrecker.

And who wants such a fickle guy anyway? If he can leave his girlfriend for you, he can also do that to you with another girl. So think twice. You don’t want to be in the middle of all that drama. There’s plenty of single guys out there.

You’re Just Not His Type

Did it ever occur to you that he probably isn’t liking you back, not because you’re ugly or stinky, but because you’re the wrong gender? What if he’s type isn’t you, but your hot older brother? If this is the case, well, there’s really nothing to it. You’re just gonna have to accept it and be done with it. At the very least, you can take solace in the fact that he ignored that skimpy dress you wore that one time not because you weren’t sexy enough, but because he prefers boys in skimpy clothing.

What do you know, though, maybe you could be besties or something? Talk about boy problems and the Miss Universe together.

He’s Torpe

Girl, you’re so lucky if this is the case. Because this is the cutest scenario ever.

You’re crush likes you, too, but doesn’t have the guts to let you know because he’s shy. You’re papansin and pa-cute moves have been working all this time and he’s been silently pining for you since day one, but he’s too shy to make a move.

If this is the case, you’re gonna have to dominate this guy. Take charge, because he won’t. You’re gonna have to commandeer the situation to where you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to seem a little too aggressive. You won’t get anywhere if no one takes the lead, okay?

But how would you know if he’s just torpe, though? Easy. Ask his guy friends. They probably know and probably have been teasing him all this time for being such a wuss.

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Synergeia, Local Government Partners Band Together For Typhoon Relief Drive

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Hontiveros To PhilHealth: Remove ‘Expiration Date’ For Expanded Free Dialysis Sessions

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Talisay City Mayor Targets ‘Zero’ Covid-19 Cases

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