The 2007 New York Times best-seller novel of Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why, was recently adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix and turned into a miniseries with 13 episodes. The series became one of the most talked in the social media industry once the first episode was released. People were reacting with its story and how relevant it is today because of its not-so-typical bullying and suicide issues. Here’s a rundown on why you should watch Thirteen Reasons Why.

1. It was Adapted from a Best-seller Book

It’s not common to people who are a fan of the series that what they have watched was adapted from one of New York Times best-seller books. The book itself was commended and praised by different known authors such as David Horowitz and Andrew Breitbart. The author of Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher is an award-winning author who gained many awards because of his excellent way of writing, so expect that this series is really deserving of your time.