10 Random Tips For The Ladies And Girls In All Of Us!

Don’t run after boys or men. It’s like ewwww! They should run after you instead! Remember that self love is the best love we can ever give to our self. We should always think that boys will always be there.

There’s actually no reason to follow them at all. They’re not Gods. You should love yourself for who you are so that other people can accept you. Its hard to be loved by someone if you don’t even love yourself. With that, here are 10 random tips for the ladies and girls in all of us.

Making your own coffee or tea instead of buying. The savings will bring you places

It’s actually better to make your own coffee instead of buying outside. First of all, its more expensive. If you create your own coffee, you will be in charge of the taste of the coffee that you prefer.

You don’t need to impress your friends that you can afford to buy in that expensive coffee shop you always go to. Being able to make your own coffee is a great thing because it can also show how independent you can be.

Get good running shoes and not just the “cute” and “sassy” ones.

We always love to walk and shop. Its nice to buy a sassy shoes but to be honest, its not practical for the most of us. Sports shoes is very in right now.

Even some of the Hollywood celebrities partner their dresses with cute sneakers that high heels.

Wash your face. It’s free!

This is one way of showing how you love yourself. Always make the best out of what you can do. Always be ready for people to see your face outside.

With this, you can walk confidently knowing that you are truly beautiful just the way you are.

Pick your girls over your boyfriend often, because they are always there even when the boys are gone.

Girlfriends will always be there no matter what. They will always be there even if you go heart broken with your boyfriend. You cannot replace the sweet friendship you and your girlfriends have. No guy will relpace that girl bonding you do whenever you are ready.

Eat breakfast. ALL THE TIME!

Breakfast makes us feel we are energized through the day. It has been said that breakfast is an energy giver for us. You always need to put some food in your body to make you healthy and strong. In this way, you can love yourself better.

Dieting pills are for losers. Just eat healthy and groove to your fave dance tunes!

Never rely with diet pills and slimming teas. It is for losers who are also lazy to stand up and do some stuff on their own. Always think about natural things on how you can improve your body.

Forget pricey brands. Scour tiangges for some chic outfit!

You can actually find good things even if they’re not branded. It is just a matter of looking for the best kind. You just need to be more keen with what is your type of clothing.

Don’t cry over spilt milk! So, forget the boy, smile and move on!

Always smile and forget the past. I know it is hard but it is the only thing you can do to give space for yourself. Always think about you first before guys. You are better that this.

Demand yourselves to have beauty sleep. That work can wait!

We all need that beauty sleep to be regenerated. We all have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep can make us feel energetic for the day and you can do anything you want.

Be A Better Version Of You Everyday

Always think about becoming a better version of yourself. Always make time on doing things that you really love to do than what people wants you to do.

Always remember that you are the captain of your own ship. Never think about getting forced by someone else to do something for them that doesn’t make you happy.


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