Don’t run after boys or men. It’s like ewwww! They should run after you instead! Remember that self love is the best love we can ever give to our self. We should always think that boys will always be there.

There’s actually no reason to follow them at all. They’re not Gods. You should love yourself for who you are so that other people can accept you. Its hard to be loved by someone if you don’t even love yourself. With that, here are 10 random tips for the ladies and girls in all of us.


10. Making your own coffee or tea instead of buying. The savings will bring you places

It’s actually better to make your own coffee instead of buying outside. First of all, its more expensive. If you create your own coffee, you will be in charge of the taste of the coffee that you prefer.

You don’t need to impress your friends that you can afford to buy in that expensive coffee shop you always go to. Being able to make your own coffee is a great thing because it can also show how independent you can be.