10 Popular Lies That Your Friends Always Say

10 Popular Lies That Your Friends Always Say


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Obviously, when you hear the word ‘friend’, you think of someone who will never let you down. Someone who will always bring the best out of you and someone who will be with you through ups and downs. Unfortunately, the closeness we have with friends can also be a con since we can’t lie. Even with small white lies, our friends can see right through us. So here are 10 popular lies we often tell our friends:

“On The Way Na Ako”

This is the most hilarious line you could hear from a friend because it is either they say they are on their way or it probably means that they are on their way… to the bathroom, to the shower or they are still prepping up before leaving. So, you have to wait patiently because no matter how mad you are, you’re still friends and admit it or not you are also doing this too.

“Friend, Okay Na Ako. Naka-move On Na Ako. Promise.”

Love lives, they will probably be on of the top conversations you and your bestie will have. Every time, you or your best friend will brought up the topic about each other’s love life. So, when your best friend says, “I’ve moved on”, or “I already forgotten him”, you’ll know whether it is true or it is a lie.

“Hindi Naman Pangit Ah?”

Unfortunately the cardinal rule of friendship is to be supportive no matter what, so sometimes paired with a chuckle, you’ll have to say “hindi pangit ang outfit mo” to your friend, even if her outfit can seem questionable.

“Traffic Kasi, Bes”

They set your meeting time at 10 o’clock in the morning but, they end up arriving at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. So, you are there at your meeting place waiting like a lonely cat and suddenly, they will show up and tell you that ‘Traffic kasi eh’. If you are encountering something like this, learn to tell them that they should arrive early or you can tell them that they should be there in your meet up 2 hours before the time you set.

“Bes, May Lakad Kami. Biglaan”

Just when everyone is very excited for your upcoming outing or gala, a friend all of a sudden will have an “emergency” which will cause all your friends to cancel too or feel lazy to go now. It goes like this, “Ay ‘di na siya sasama? Wala na, ‘di na rin ako sasama.” In short, no more gala, drawing, new schedule, until that gala will not happen again.

“Huh? ‘Di Ko Pa Ulit Nababasa ‘Yung Group Chat Natin Bes”

Sure, your friend pretends she or he “didn’t read” your message in the group chat or they are lazy to back read all the messages in your group chat. But, you know that he or she just avoided clicking on the messenger application or they might read it offline then clear his or her messenger data and logged in again.

“Oo Na! Ide-delete Ko Na Nga!”

We all know that embarrassing photos comes with friendship. They will tell you that they are going to delete your cringe-worthy photo soon but, wait until your birthday because, you will be surprised along with their sweet birthday messages are epic embarrassing pictures that may ruin your social media life. Consider their phone a vault of all your embarrassing and cringe worthy photos. Always remember that, never upload your embarrassing photos or set you childhood pictures private already before they can make a compilation of your baby pictures.

“Bes, Magtitipid Na Talaga Ako”

Have you encountered a friend that will tell you that they are going to save money? They will tell you that they want to do the 52-week challenge but, when any mall goes on sale or whenever they are hungry after an hour or less, they will not hesitate to go buy the things or food that they want.

“Cute Naman Siya Diba?”

Your friends wants you to meet somebody cute and handsome so you will not feel left out whenever she is with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, getting you a date means getting any guy to date with you and not necessarily a cute guy. Your friend will tell you that he is cute for her taste but, not for you since you have different taste.

“Promise, ‘Di Ko Pagka-kalat”

To be fair, if ever your friends decide to share your stories, it’s only between your co-barkadas and not to other people. But, you know that if you tell one of them about your secret or something embarrassing happened to you, the rest of your barkada will know your secret soon too and of course, as your barkada they will tease and laugh at you.

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Globe Recreates The Holiday Season With #ChristmasWeLove Live Pop-Up

Join Globe as they celebrate the holiday season with #ChristmasWeLove - a series of live digital pop ups featuring fun activities for your family and friends!

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