10 Pinoy Commercial Jingles That We Still Can’t Get Over With

Have you ever experienced singing something in your head, over and over again? That moment when you feel like it is on repeat? Last Song Syndrome or LSS is when you end up singing that one song you last heard, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. You might have heard the song for 30 minutes or a maximum of 8 hours, no one knows. And this syndrome is not only limited to songs, this could also be the same with commercial jingles.

Television commercials these days mostly use jingles to encourage the people to buy and remember their product. Nobody knows who started this jingle craze but one thing is for sure, these brands are successful when it comes to the ‘recall’ strategy. So far, these 10 Commercials had been the most successful this 2018.

Milo Champ Moves – Milo

Have you begged your friend to stop because he/she continually sings ‘Energy energy gap’ all day long? Or your friend is the one who begged you to stop? Well no one could blame your friend because this commercial is really catchy.

Along with the nakaka-LSS commercial, is James Reid’s tutorial on how are we going to pull off the Energy Gap dance craze with him, making it more interactive. You could check out the video down below if you want to dance and sing along with James.

No Comb Revo – Palmolive

Ever since, Palmolive’s commercials revolve on how smooth, tangle-free, beautiful and aromatic your hair could get if you’re going to use their shampoo. And in 2013, Palmolive released a TV commercial that proved that they are great in doing catchy songs.

A lot of the dance presentations in schools are included in this TVC, and all of us jammed to its lyrics and tune. Girls or boys, we all went “to the left, to the right, umikot ng sabay sabay”

Finally, Ariel! – Ariel

Finally! From 12 pesos to 7.50! All of our moms rejoiced and all of us were stuck with Ariel’s 2015 TVC jingle. Most moms usually want to use Ariel because of the soap’s power to whiten up and take off stains in your clothes, but most of these moms would opt for a different soap with a cheaper price. But now that they have the 7.50 pesos version, we couldn’t be more happy.

Along with the bonggang price drop, Ariel shocked us with their catchy jingle that makes us sing along.

May Ritemed ba nito? – Ritemed

Say hello to our Lola Flora as she reminds us that we don’t need to spend so much in keeping ourselves healthy and away from any sickness by asking “may ritemed ba nito?” over the counter. And since the TVC was released, you could hear kids singing this jingle, and no one could ever stop them!

This reminder gained lots of attention and people created various parody version of the commercial. One video even created a hilarious dance step for the commercial.

Micronutrient Deficiency – Bearbrand

Just like Ritemed’s commercial, Bearbrand’s Micronutrient Deficiency jingle also served as a reminder, most especially to mothers. The TV ad showed statistics that some kids lack iron, zinc and vitamin C, and that our mothers should be alarmed with these deficiencies because it could greatly affect your child’s academic performance. And to be able to give your child the nutrients he/she needs, Bearbrand is there to help you as they go with this TV ad’s line “pag may Bearbrand araw-araw, kaya natin to”.

The jingle brought an intense LSS to people, and we cannot blame them, since its really catchy.

3 Pataas – Bonakid

The most used TVC by college students, the 3 Pataas. This ad may have represented college students’ wish to have a grade no lower than 3, but the real deal about this ad is what the milk could give to children who are under the age bracket of 3 and above.

Through the jingle, they claimed that Bonakid have the triple boost formula: Immunity, Growth and Energy that could help your child develop.

Dan Dan Dan Dalandan – Nestfruta

We were all in awe of Kendra Kramer’s cuteness, aren’t we? And that’s one of the reasons why we can’t get enough of Nesfruta’s Dalandan commercial. Her tiny voice along with her mom singing Dan Dan Dan Dalandan, is just so cute and irresistible in our ears and brain, making it feel like Kendra is singing even in our sleep.

This cute TV ad was made to introduce Nesfruta’s new flavor and they sure did a great job because until now, we can still hear people singing that iconic Dan Dan Dan Dalandan.

Pinalaki – Surf Fabric Conditioner

Aside from the fact that the tune and lyrics of this ad is very catchy, Moira Dela Torre’s relaxing voice is also one of the reasons why we can’t get enough of this jingle. Yep, you read it right, the pinalaki commercial’s voice is hers.

The ad only had four words in its lyrics, “pinalaki ng pinalaki, pinakamalaki”, but most of us got hooked in this TVC. No one knows why, and we can’t do anything about it. Moira is ready to sing the Surf jingle in our TV sets and dreams.

Asim Kilig – Knorr

How’s your sinigang? Can it make you go asim kilig? If not, then you better watch the TV commercial of Knorr and see how they can give your sinigang the asim it needs.

Along with the catchy song that made its way to our brains, is the dance step that we don’t want to miss everytime it airs in the TV. Also, one of the things that made this ad very iconic is the epic distorted faces of anyone who tries the sinigang with Knorr Sinigang mix. Memes using this ad were all over the net and netizens use it most of the time.

No Check – Whisper

Can your napkin protect you all day?

With this Whisper TV commercial, they showed how effective they are in protecting you from leaks without having the need to make your friend check if you have tagos. Why did make us go LSS over it? Well aside from the fact that it’s catchy and very witty, this is Queen Nadine we are talking about.

What’s funny about this is, it had also been used as memes for students who took exams and ended up with ‘no no no no no check’. Well, thanks to Filipinos’ creative minds.