10 Nightmare OJTs And Applicants You Encounter In The Office

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10. The “Hopeless” OJT

Don’t bite the company that made you learn good stuff! Especially, if you dont know much to be begin with.

Grab as many learning opportunities while doing OJT. But if the attitude to learn is not there, no matter how easy to activities are, you will not learn anything. Worse, if the cranial capacity is non existent, learning is almost impossible.

ACTUAL SCENARIO: A former OJT made this comment, “Wala naman ako natutunan dyan.”

Pfft! Found out, the OJT, a communications major, has very poor communication skills; who only dreams about a straight simple grammatically correct sentence, and has not heard of MS Office. Explains why “wala sya natutunan” in the office.

“This OJT is still dreaming about subject-verb agreement

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