10 Nightmare OJTs And Applicants You Encounter In The Office

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It is job hunting and OJT season once again. Both students and professionals (who resigned last December) will start sending out their resumes and human resource professionals will now have to read through hundreds or thousands of them.

In this article, we are highlighting nightmarish experiences we usually encounter with some applicants and OJTs. Despite their relative “newness” to the corporate set up, these OJTs and applicants are still expected to have basic knowledge of proper decorum and the required competencies.

Unfortunately, often times, we bump into the crazy ones whose chances of landing a job or an OJT slot is as possible as hell freezes over

Receiving a resume via email, without subject line, an application letter, and even a sentence or a phrase in the body of an email is the surest way to delete button or the trash bin.

“You failed at your job application not because you don’t know the job, but you failed to try,” said Vonj Tingson, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of PAGEONE MEDIA.

Now, PageOne compiled actual scenarios when applicants “failed” in their job applications. We may even include some side comments so that you (the students reading this) can understand why these scenarios are quite disappointing, to say the least.

1. The “Just Read My Resume” Applicant

These days, it is easy to get an interview schedule via certain job sites. Most of the times, applicants just bring their resume and that’s it. Resumes alone will not give employers the complete picture of who you are. An application letter will help, so attach one!

ACTUAL SCENARIO: An applicant just sent her resume without saying what the recipient should do about it. Just an attached CV and the applicant assumed we know what to do.

“Iho, ano gusto mo gawin ko dito? Missing person poster?”

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