10 Movies To Watch Out For This Year


Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, A Quiet Place, and Aquaman were some of the movies that hooked people’s attentions and hearts in 2018; now, movie goers can’t stop themselves from clammoring about the upcoming films this year!

Every year, tons of movies are released to feed the anticipation of movie geeks; and surely, this year is set to meet the expectations of the audience and to continue the appreciation of the films produced by genius production houses.

Trailers and posters were released last year to give glimpses of the movies this year, and these are the movies to anticipate:

1. Bumblebee

On January 22, the favorite guardian among the Autobots of the Transformers is ready to be showcased in Philippine cinemas. The yellow Volkswagen, together with the famous actress and singer Hailey Steinfeld, will be sharing an awesome adventure as they protect the earth from the Decepticons.