10 Lines You Probably Know If You’ve Been Friendzoned


People say that admitting your feelings for someone is the best way to unchain all worries in your heart and to formally start the stage of courtship. But sometimes, it does not even get to the said stage because you’re already trapped in the funniest yet most painful zone called ‘friendzone’. Because of such heartbreaking instances, we listed 10 lines that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve experienced being friendzoned.

8. “I want to explore my options”

This is definitely an ego-popping statement because obviously, he or she doesn’t like you as much as you like them. This line will make you feel like you are not enough for them, and they can’t find the ‘right guy’ they’re looking for in you, that’s why they want to explore more and meet new guys. If you heard this, don’t be sad. You as well can explore your options, go on dates, meet new people until you find your Ms. Right.