10 Lines You Probably Know If You’ve Been Friendzoned

10 Lines You Probably Know If You’ve Been Friendzoned


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People say that admitting your feelings for someone is the best way to unchain all worries in your heart and to formally start the stage of courtship. But sometimes, it does not even get to the said stage because you’re already trapped in the funniest yet most painful zone called ‘friendzone’. Because of such heartbreaking instances, we listed 10 lines that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve experienced being friendzoned.

“I’m so happy we’re best friends”

Sing with me! “Bestfriends, bestfriends forever…”

Basically, this line ‘indirectly’ means “Don’t bother falling in love with me because as you can see, I’ve already set our boundaries”. Her saying that she’s SO happy and delighted that you are friends sounds like a dead-end; it’s like she is giving so much emphasis that you’re just best friends and your relationship will stay as that.

“You’re too nice for me”

If you are a good boy and you’ve experienced being busted, definitely this line would ring a bell. It’s kind of ironic and sad that you’ve been rejected because you’re ‘too nice’. You’ve done nothing but treat the girl you love nicely, and then they end up criticizing you because of that. You then start to question why there are girls who prefer bad boys over nice guys like you.

If ever someone rejected you for being ‘too nice’, do not change yourself. The right girl will come and will love you for who you are.

“I want to explore my options”

This is definitely an ego-popping statement because obviously, he or she doesn’t like you as much as you like them. This line will make you feel like you are not enough for them, and they can’t find the ‘right guy’ they’re looking for in you, that’s why they want to explore more and meet new guys. If you heard this, don’t be sad. You as well can explore your options, go on dates, meet new people until you find your Ms. Right.

“Thank you for being like a brother to me”

You took care of them the best way you can to make them feel loved, you gave them all the love and care you can give, whenever they call, you’ll be there… like literally, anything; but of all the things they can say in return is, they only see you as their ‘brother’. Na-kuyazoned ka bes.

“I really value our friendship”

Some people are too afraid to jump on and take the risk. Hearing that she values your friendship so much may seem like a lead-on statement but you never know, maybe she’s really afraid to lose you. Maybe she doesn’t want to take the risk of making your relationship go on the next level because she can’t afford to lose you if ever your relationship don’t work out.

“I’m glad we don’t need to have a label”

Just as it sounds, it’s most likely when someone told you this, the both of you will be nothing more than friends. Or, sometimes, there are relationships that’s really better if you don’t have labels. There are people who believes that having labels are just complications and it’s not really needed. Like the two of you could just be there for each other, that you two will be each other’s shoulder to lean on when the world seems so cruel, and things like that.

“I can’t stop thinking about my ex”

You may have invested time in creating a friendship with your special someone, then that person will make you feel like she’s already moved on and is already into you, but unfortunately there’s a third person in the scene that you probably didn’t even see coming: the EX.

“Oh, we’re just friends”

This has no indirect translation, no other meaning: You are just a friend. If someone can tell you this upfront and straightforwardly, then probably they really don’t see you on a romantic level.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship right now”

An oldie but a goodie, this line is probably the mother of all friendzone-lines. Because if someone doesn’t want to be in a relationship, there’s nothing much you could really do. You cannot force them to be in a relationship with you, because chances are, your relationship would end up in a one-sided love affair.

“I wish I could find someone like you”

It’s like they’re saying that they love your attitude, your insights and everything about you, just not you.

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