10 Jobs Perfect For People Who Love To Travel

In order of travel, most people have to earn and save to be able to afford their trips and vacations. It’s a given that vacation trips are costly, despite the fact that there has been a boom in budget airfares and cheap accommodations. Unfortunately, in a span of a year, people’s routine includes 70% of it spent working and saving and only 30% spent actually on traveling.

But what if there was a way to travel and work at the same time? Sounds a bit too good to be true but our list of jobs perfect for people who love to travel, begs to differ:

Show Business

One of the basic privileges of celebrities is gaining fans all over the world. To be able to reach out to them, they produce global tours. If they’re on a concert or even tour break, with the talent fee they earn, it’s certain that they can hop on a plane for a vacation.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift even has her own jet. While local celebrities can sometimes be hired as ambassadors for other countries, like how Sue Ramirez is Korea’s honorary tourist ambassador to the Philippines. This requires her to fly to Korea every once in a while to educate her fans about the places and culture there. What a great deal, right?


The job of an archaeologist is to study the human history and prehistory by going to different sites. They work directly with nature as they have the need to analyze the artifacts and other physical remains. With that, they have the benefit of going to different places, appreciating the secret and beauty of nature while doing their job.

Not only can you contribute to historical discoveries upon society, but you could also get paid with a high salary. An average archaeologist could earn 2.5 million pesos, in average, annually. With that amount of money in your pockets, you can enjoy the nature of your job, as well as make the most upon your travels to different places.

Event Coordinator

Being an event coordinator is a stressful job because it deals with the hectic preparation of events. Most people or establishments that ask for an event to be organized can afford it, which means they’re not up for mainstream parties in the city but seeks far-off venues. Many events require out-of-town or provincial trips.

More often than not, these glamorous events also have scrumptious food and a stunning view. So while the first few hours can bring out overflowing stress, the aftermath gives a few hours for events coordinators to enjoy the venue and view. You get to be part of someone else’s celebration and get paid for it – time for an after-party!

Flight Attendant

The job of flight attendants is to ensure the safety of the plane passengers and accommodate them in accordance to their needs. Aside from being paid well, when needed, they are also given the benefits of a free stay in different luxurious hotels and even heavily-discounted trips to various countries. Some airlines even offer up to 90% flight discounts for flight attendants and their families.

One of the perks of this job is the opportunity to travel to different cities and countries, either domestic or international. You can have the chance to immerse yourself with different cultures. Aside from shopping galore, you can take videos and photographs as your remembrance to this wonderful journey. Aim high and explore!


Depending on what kind of photography you master, there are photographers who have demands that calls for traveling to another place. Fashion photographers often flee to the fashion capitals of the world, paparazzis’ stalk around celebrities wherever they go and in-demand events photographers also have the chance to hop on a plane and reach a photo-worthy backdrop. Top-paid photographers often seek for fresh backdrop of flee the moment a hot story is in the works.

This brings adrenaline for both a wanderlust and an adventure seeker. You can capture the beauty of different destinations, and at the same time indulge yourselves with what the place has to offer. This job is not only good for your eyes, but for your pockets as well.

Cruise Line Worker

Cruises mean total serenity and everything happening in slow motion, and aside from the guests, there are also workers present. Although they do spend majority of the hours working on and around the ship, they’re also in constant motion, sailing the seas and off to another country. Cruise Line workers aren’t just limited to those maintaining the technicality of the ship, these can also be waiters, receptionists, housekeepers and entertainers.

Although most of the trip does happen on the ocean, those who have an extra love for the water would most likely enjoy working for a cruise line. Despite the long hours of work, you can appreciate the beauty of the different people you can meet and the places you will go. Bon voyage, amigo!


Just like photographers, writers require a trip to another country or province if their subject and topic heavily relies on firsthand experience. More often than not, because most writers are part of a media organization, they’re given top-priority when it comes to a hotel’s latest amenities or a destination’s must-see spots. So their work doesn’t just require them to travel, but to experience the best of a travel experience.

Writers often fly VIP, however news writers travel out of necessity over convenience. Their travels are more centered on quickly hopping on a plane and reaching their reported location. No matter what your agenda as a writer when you travel, you shouldn’t forget to stop for a while and enjoy the sceneries that surrounds you – except if you’re going to a war or situations of the same sort. Stay safe!

International Aid Worker

The demands of an international aid worker is quite heavy, it’s a lifetime commitment. But it is also a great opportunity to mingle with different races, cultures and capture numerous beautiful sites. Not only does it give purpose for travel, it lives as a purposeful and fulfilling duty.

International Aid workers are also often sent to rural areas, finding the richest of cultures in the most untouched places of a country. Volunteering lets you accomplish your social responsibility – and it is worth more than the money it gives you. Being part of this job will not just make you happy financially, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Tour Guide

Aside from flight attendants and pilots, tour guides have an occupation that constantly requires traveling and touring. They work in well-known portions of the country to spread knowledge about the historical value of a landmark to the nation. They’re the bank-bar for travel insights and latest hot spots for tourists.

They’re also probably used to majestic locations and consider it quite normal as their office isn’t limited to four walls, it’s more often islands, beaches or dreamy cities. What’s the best way to earn money while traveling than to guide other people’s trips and enjoying yourself at the same time? Take one step at a time and have fun!


When you’re a bartender, traveling is even better. Because unlike all of those other travellers out there, you’ll be getting paid as you go. That means that you get to travel for longer.

Becoming a traveling bartender is a great way to further improve your bartending skills. You’ll be exposed to different styles of bartending, different people, and different ingredients. Not only will you have the time of your life, but you’ll become a much more experienced and well-rounded bartender for it. Drinks up!

Want to make big money on a global scale? Then travel the world.

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