10 Icebreaker Questions For The Introverts Out There

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While they are typically labeled as ‘outsiders’ for their silent nature and unlikely quirks, introverts tend to be the most thought-provoking people in the room. While extroverts excel in steadfast socializing skills, introverts excel in deep creative thinking that becomes an avenue for them to express themselves and evoke the same thoughts as extroverts do.

What is vital is that introverts deal with the same day-to-day reflections that extroverts do as well. And when it comes to conversing about it, introverts would willingly give their opinions in a vast nutshell. Sourced from the Wordsmith Deck, here are just some icebreaker questions that would get introverts talking:

1. What does your perfect day look like?

An introvert’s perfect day would sum up like this: peaceful and quiet. Simple as that. And each one would have their additional trinkets like a cup of coffee, a good view outside, a period with no hassle, a bowl of snacks and an internet connection that would not buffer for once. A perfect day for introverts would mean to unload their mind from everyday commitments and to refresh their minds by being themselves.

Yet, other than just having their own “me” time, sometimes introverts would choose an excursion that they never done before or a group of friends that they always count on. Anything that sums up their “perfect day”.

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