Witweeeew! Who said men can’t be sexy and attractive? Usually they are the ones who get more involved with different strenuous activities, with their sweaty bodies and flexed muscles, every girl would swoon!

But these are just not the hobbies that could impress the ladies, sometimes even the simple ones could capture the hearts of women. Here are some you could take note guys – you might want to start doing them to score dates!


If you’re a pilot, either for fun or for a living, we’ll happily join you in the sky high club. There’s just something so irresistibly sexy about those that fly the skies. The fact that you know how to pilot an aircraft is obviously appealing. It means you can whisk a woman off for a magical trip.

You can show a lady from a bird’s point of view beautiful sceneries from different places. You might even be able to crash to a place in the middle of nowhere on your flight to your romantic getaway. If you’re a commercial pilot, the uniform alone is enough to make a woman fan herself. Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, and Harrison Ford are just some of the men who have licenses in aviation. No doubt they could lift the feet of the ground of the girls who see them!