10 Hobbies Guaranteed To Impress The Ladies

10 Hobbies Guaranteed To Impress The Ladies


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Witweeeew! Who said men can’t be sexy and attractive? Usually they are the ones who get more involved with different strenuous activities, with their sweaty bodies and flexed muscles, every girl would swoon!

But these are just not the hobbies that could impress the ladies, sometimes even the simple ones could capture the hearts of women. Here are some you could take note guys – you might want to start doing them to score dates!


If you’re a pilot, either for fun or for a living, we’ll happily join you in the sky high club. There’s just something so irresistibly sexy about those that fly the skies. The fact that you know how to pilot an aircraft is obviously appealing. It means you can whisk a woman off for a magical trip.

You can show a lady from a bird’s point of view beautiful sceneries from different places. You might even be able to crash to a place in the middle of nowhere on your flight to your romantic getaway. If you’re a commercial pilot, the uniform alone is enough to make a woman fan herself. Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, and Harrison Ford are just some of the men who have licenses in aviation. No doubt they could lift the feet of the ground of the girls who see them!


If you can rig or craft stuff, you can be any girls’ private handy man. A guy who can build, fix and create things from scratch is super appealing. A man who can fix things is sexy because well, it’s nice to have someone fix that leaky faucet or rooftop – that cute tree house in the backyard is also a plus!

You’d prefer having a partner who can help you in rebuilding or renovating something! A man who can build a patio. Super sexy. Watching a man perform physical labor? Yes, please. Women might just break things so they can invite you over to help. It’s a sneaky plan, but your hobby makes you so enticing!


If your favorite activity is being outside, hiking a mountain, then you’re bound to impress some ladies. Your love for the great outdoors and the exhilaration of climbing steep inclines is definitely appealing. The fact that you enjoy walking long distances on tough terrain must mean that you’re a determined individual.

There’s also something about people who prefer the outdoors to being indoors. There’s something so manly about your past time. Make sure your potential love interest is up for the same challenge as you, though. Breathe in that fresh air together and enjoy the trail together. Nothing beats the view on the peak when you reach it!


Running is a sport that requires a lot of dedication. It probably means you’re a person who puts a lot of effort when reaching your goals. Or, maybe you just enjoy spending time outside, breathing in fresh air and appreciating the beauty of the surroundings.

Runners tend to be fit and they also tend to really enjoy running. The fact that you’ve run several marathons might impress a lay person, but it’s sure to wow a fellow runner. If you’re lucky enough to find a run obsessed partner? You’ve basically won the lottery. Josh Duhamel, Mario Lopez, and Ryan Reynolds are just some of those men who let the girls sweat as well when they see them run!


The way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. Good food, of course. A man who can cook is super hot. A man that knows his way around the kitchen and can make pasta from scratch? He’s a keeper.

Cooking is a labor of love. Someone who cooks for another person isn’t just providing them sustenance, their showing their affection for the other person. Eating a delicious home cooked meal together is the perfect way to create intimacy. Light those candles and pour some wine! Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey are some celebrity men who could fulfill their wives cravings of scrumptious meals, day in and day out.

Photography/Art/Film making

You chase beauty and us. Your hobby of photography, painting, or even film making is sure to be viewed as sexy by potential mates. It shows that you’re artistic, creative, and have keen eye for details.

There’s this notion that photographers are more sensitive to the world, they can see – and capture – what the rest of us don’t. Artists surely awe the ladies who see how well they could transform their ideas visually in their canvass. It is somehow an intimate experience. When you’re behind a camera, you instantly appear as if you know something the rest of us don’t about the world. You’re definitely a bit mysterious. Especially when you are making feature films, short films, or documentaries that could interest and open up the minds of your viewers. Ladies love it when they analyze things, especially when made with passion!


Watch the ladies flock to you when you sit down at a park bench and bust out your guitar. Learn how to play love songs for her and she will fall head over heels with you in no time. One of the best things about playing an instrument is that she will sit and watch you practice for hours without saying a word and consider it quality time spent with you.

Either you play different kinds of musical instruments well or you have the impressive ability of composing your own music, it will speak volume about your character. Your lady will recognize your poetic ability that will surely touch her heart. Listening to you serenading her will make her heart so happy – and seeing her happy is all that you need. Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, and Adam Levine are just some of the famously known singer-songwriters who could definitely make girls feel mixed emotions when they play and create their music.

Multilingual Traveler

A guy who travels the world as a hobby is probably going to impress a few ladies. If you’re well traveled you probably have more than a few stories to tell your date. The fact that you’re not just going to offer up boring small talk is impressive enough.

It shows that you’re open and willing to try new experiences. You might even be able to speak more than one language which would intrigue the ladies, particularly if you don’t flaunt the ability and just let it come up at the right moment. If you can seduce a person in more than one language, well you deserve a trophy.


Excelling inside the court or field will definitely earn you a spot in the A-list of women. Aside from showing your strength, agility, and cooperation with your team – there’s just something so attractive with a man who could involve themselves fully into a sport. We all know playing sports requires dedication, motivation, and self-confidence.

All these attributes you acquire will get every woman’s attention. Shoot, hit, kick that ball with all your might and you will surely hear her cheering for you in the bleachers! There’s nothing more fulfilling than having someone who will support you in every game, and will tell you that you did a good job even when your team doesn’t win. Win-win situation, still!


Writing is yet another creative pursuit that is sure to impress your love interest. Maybe you’ve got the ability to craft a well written story, poem, or letter. Poetry is always a sure fire way to grab a woman’s attention.

Even though you do not have a degree in Creative writing and your words may come slurred and unorganized, as long as it’s sincere – women will appreciate it. Having writing as a hobby shows that you’re smart. It might also mean that you’ve got a way with words in general. It is a nice way to woo your beloved. Get that girl’s attention with your remarks.

Globe Recreates The Way You Learn With Special Promos

Globe introduces special Go promos for students and the GoTOK series to make quality learning and self-improvement accessible for everyone online and in real life!

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