Spending too much time using gadgets has a lot of effects on one’s health and body. It affects your productivity, work, and lifestyle. Kids nowadays are so engaged in using gadgets instead of involving themselves to something that is more worthwhile.

People can spend a whole day using computers because there are a lot of things they could do, it is basically a whole other dimension. That’s why mothers are getting attentive with their kids who can’t seem to detach themselves from today’s modern technology.

Of course, millennials can probably relate to these hilarious lines that moms often say when they spend too much time using their gadgets:

10“Ayan, kaka-computer mo…”

Everyone has probably heard this line, that’s no doubt. When you get sick or when something happens to you, it all boils down to these words. Apparently, even if there’s no connection, computers are to blame for all sicknesses. (Kawawang computer)

But it’s true though, using your gadgets excessively can cause you harm. Eye concerns are usually caused by being exposed to your screens for way too long. So kids, you can consider this line of your mom. She simply cares about you.