10 Hilarious Lines Pinoy Moms Say When You Spend Too Much Time Using Gadgets

Spending too much time using gadgets has a lot of effects on one’s health and body. It affects your productivity, work, and lifestyle. Kids nowadays are so engaged in using gadgets instead of involving themselves to something that is more worthwhile.

People can spend a whole day using computers because there are a lot of things they could do, it is basically a whole other dimension. That’s why mothers are getting attentive with their kids who can’t seem to detach themselves from today’s modern technology.

Of course, millennials can probably relate to these hilarious lines that moms often say when they spend too much time using their gadgets:

“Ayan, kaka-computer mo…”

Everyone has probably heard this line, that’s no doubt. When you get sick or when something happens to you, it all boils down to these words. Apparently, even if there’s no connection, computers are to blame for all sicknesses. (Kawawang computer)

But it’s true though, using your gadgets excessively can cause you harm. Eye concerns are usually caused by being exposed to your screens for way too long. So kids, you can consider this line of your mom. She simply cares about you.

“Kapag hindi mo pa tinigil ‘yan…”

When you hear your mom say this line, you suffer from a mini heart attack and instantly stop using your gadget because it’s a given that when she says this, it’s going to be one hell of a lecture. The line is often followed by, “…hindi mo na magagamit ‘yan,” or “…itatago ko ‘yan.” And to avoid any of these follow-up incidents, you suddenly decide to be obedient.

Either you’re being unproductive or your mom is just having a bad day, this line will surely stop you from whatever you’re doing. You drop your phone or shutdown the computer immediately before she starts a whole-hour-run of sermon. Brb!

“Puro ka cellphone, ‘yung mga pinapagawa ko sa’yo hindi mo pa din ginagawa!”

You usually hear this line when your mom asks you to do something and you’ve made no progress with the chore. You know she’s close to getting frustrated when she say this. And it becomes your very cue to follow what she asked you to do.

Before she goes to Momzilla mode, you get up on your feet and start doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or hanging the clothes from the dryer. You don’t want to get on your mom’s nerves because things may escalate real quick. Babawasan ko allowance mo, ang tamad tamad mo.

“Computer na lang pamilya mo ha!”

This is probably the most terrifying line your mom could ever say to you. Though you know it’s a joke and she’s never really going to disown you, it’s already a sign that she’s going to burst out in anger any time and that she has very limited patience left. Now, you wouldn’t want a computer to be your maternal parent right?

You have to know your limits when using your gadgets. It may be real fun because you can explore a lot online, but spending time with your family and friends is still the best way to kill time. Stop lurking inside your room and converse with them!

Wala kang balak kumain?”

You know you’ve been using your gadget for too long when you hear your mom say this. It means that she has served and gobbled your family while you’ve been tied up in your room to your phone while hours pass by. Unfortunately, while we are left clueless of the passing time, our mothers always keep a wary eye on us.

Eating time is the best time to catch up with each other’s lives. This may be the reason why your mom wants you to join your family in the table. You may ignore your hunger because you are still busy tapping your screen, but your mom won’t just easy let you do that.

“Puro ka computer, ‘yung kuryente natin ang taas-taas na!”

This line is often said by practical moms. Obviously, they don’t exactly embrace a high electricity bill and it becomes their perfect excuse to scold us all the more. Even if you are not using the computer – once the bill arrived, you will get blamed, for sure.

It is true that you contribute to your bill but your mom just seem to exaggerate that idea way more than possible. Aside from the gadgets, aircon units and refrigerators could also consume a lot of electricity. Bakit computer na naman nasisi, ma?

“Sino yang kausap mo? Ba’t naka-ngiti ka?”

There are really times when you and your friends have silly and humorous chats. And of course, your mom being very suspicious notices every little action you make. So when you simply smile or laugh over your phone, or your computer, all the questions starts pouring in.

This annoys you because often than not, you are not even talking to your friends. Witty videos, relatable quotes, and cute GIFs could easily make you smile. Bawal ba ko sumaya mag-isa, ma?

“Pagamitin mo yung kapatid mo!”

Your mom says this line when there’s only one gadget for the whole family and everyone shares it. When you get so entertained by what you’re doing on your gadget, you suddenly become selfish because you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. So your mom gets mad at you especially if you’re the eldest one ’cause you’re supposed to share things with your younger siblings.

You can’t use the family computer at your own preference because you have to consider other people who still have to use this. This line annoys you when your brother/sister adds up to the fuel. Ma, sino-solo na naman ng anak mo yung kompyuter!!

“May boyfriend ka na noh?”

Obviously, this happens with girls. When girls spend too much time on gadgets and their moms see them talking to someone, they already suspect that their daughter is in a relationship. For some reason, moms believe that too much time on the phone or computer automatically means a boyfriend. We wish mom.

Don’t get us wrong! We often use our phones and laptops for academic purposes – if not, chika purposes. Having a boyfriend is just part of my daydream, really.

Wala ka ng ginawa buong araw kundi mag-computer!”

Remember the days when we’d be scolded for spending too much time outside? Those days have been long extinct, these days moms scold us for being so tied down on our gadgets that we forget to actually do anything aside from texting or surfing the internet.

Instead of going out, you prefer to lay down on your bed and watch movies, listen to music, or just explore the Internet. Less effort but more fun, right? But sometimes, you have to keep your hands away from your gadgets, and do something worthwhile.

Wag magpapa-lamon sa kompyuter, magagalit si mama, sige ka!

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