10 Habits Only Selfie-Addicts Know Very Well

Ah, selfies. They have taken over social media, the internet and our daily habits since front cameras were invented. Unfortunately, more than a privilege, selfies have become an addiction. And more often than not, we know somebody that is a selfie addict. Our friends that have been consumed by their pouts, one-hour facial photo shoots and on-point lighting.

For those who we know of, or maybe ourselves, here’s a list of habits selfie-addicts know very well:

Lighting Over Mood

Whether you are in the mood to take a selfie or not, if you find awesome lighting, you HAVE TO take a selfie. It’s practically a law. With the perfect lighting, it takes less effort to capture a candid-like shot!

Light is truly a key element for a selfie – this could change the ambiance you want to achieve. Usually there’s low light for the grungy-aesthetic feels while the full on bright light for happy-go-lucky kind of vibe. Whichever may be your preference, good lighting is a must for a beautiful portrait!

High Quality Front Camera = CHECK!

You find it insanely strange when somebody owns a phone without a front camera because how are you going to selfie? So before buying your new smartphone, the first thing you consider is the front cam – it may be 13mp, 16mp, or even a 20 mp! The higher the mega pixels are, the better the quality of your selfie will be!

To capture your pearly whites and to have a well-defined selfie, make sure to have the best front cam phones have to offer nowadays. You look so good that you don’t want to keep your eyes away from it. A must for those who want to look flawless by effortlessly posing because of the high resolution quality of their front cam – so fetch!

Selfie Spree VS. One Selfie

When taking selfies, you usually take them in batches with different poses, which can mean nearly 100 in one go rather than one selfie snap. Since you know you need choices among the selfies you’ll upload. The problem leads to which among the hundreds will you post?

All-smiles, wacky, or drop-dead-fierce look – you have make all possible poses before you feel contented on your selfies. Minimal changes may be seen from every picture but you can’t be stopped because when you feel like it, you just have to take it. The dilemma still comes down on choosing the best captured selfies among the pool of them – post or nah?

Epitome of 3-in-1

Yup, your friends very well know that once you decide to take selfies, you’ll be posting at least three online. And that’s a minimum! It seems like a challenge for you to post just a single selfie photo so you always manage to post a couple. A single photo just isn’t enough for your vanity!

May it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your followers are used to seeing your trio-uploads from time to time. You follow patterns of different shots – close up, aesthetic, wide, or even groufies! You are not satisfied with one picture because it cannot show all the emotions or views you others to see – the more, the merrier!

Selfie-stick Gaming

Obviously, you own a selfie stick because how else will you get the perfect angle right? Especially if aside from your pretty face, you also want to highlight the background of where you are – may it be wonders of nature, amazing structures or with your close friends. Just make sure to secure your phone on the stick and you are set!

Sometimes, a close-up selfie becomes ‘meh’ for you so you play around using your mono-pod. Leave the demure side of you and explore the quirkiness of yours by enjoying the surroundings and fooling around. This is a must-have for you – may it be in the comfort of your home or during your travels – pack this before you regret leaving it behind!

Selfies Over Anything

Although they are your firsthand witnesses in watching you take selfies 24/7, there has been at least one time when you got called out by a family member or friend for taking too much selfies. You tend to forget about everything for a while and just satisfy your vanity. Oops!

Once you get that perfect spot and lighting in a restaurant, comfort room, office, or anywhere you might be, you grab the opportunity for a selfie. Sometimes, people get annoyed for that habit of yours – or usually they just laugh at you and leave you at your own selfie-bubble. A nudge, push, or tickle is what you need to go back to reality – you had enough pictures, babe!


Whether it’s a trip to the mall or just at home, you take selfies wherever you go. It’s basically your hourly diary; and literally, no one can stop you from taking them. It’s part of your routine and you feel incomplete if you don’t do it.

These selfies also become your souvenirs, especially if you are travelling to a new place or trying out a new cafe. What’s the best way to treasure a moment but take a picture with you in it, right? Looking back, you will feel nostalgic of how you looked like before and how beautiful the place was – #takemeback!

Need Updates? Check My Selfies!

People can keep track of where you are or what you’re doing because you constantly update them with your selfies matched with hashtags. With a simple click or tap on your screen, you can update your friends’ or family of what you are up to. These are usually popular among celebrities, bloggers, or simply those who have so much time to spare!

You just have to take a selfie while you’re trying out that new oven of yours, or that sweaty-after-workout look. It’s also a must when you’re inside a fitting room area because good lighting + good clothes = selfie time! You post it or just send it to your bestie as updates on your agenda for that day.

Save Me, Perfect Selfie

If it means a “buwis-buhay” shot, you’re cool with it as long as it means taking the perfect selfie. The more risky it is, the more awesome the outcome will be so you’d rather die trying than not taking the chance for that! But kidding aside, you just have to be careful because you’re life is worth more than a love-worthy photo.

On top of a cliff, peak of a mountain, in the middle of a road – pick the perfect place for your “strong ako” selfie! With matching bokeh effect or rays from the sun, you will take people’s breath away of your beauty – as well as safety! Who doesn’t love the thrill? Obviously, not me.

Bachelor Of Selfies, Major In Filters

You know exactly which filters look great on you, so without looking twice you know which setting should be altered. Whether that’s sharpness, saturation, shadow, highlights or brightness.

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