10 Gasgas New Year’s Resolutions You Are Making

The new year is more than just a celebration for everyone else, it also serves as a new leaf and a chance to start over. That’s why new year’s resolutions are so popular because many feel as if they have a shot to start over.

But not all resolutions are successfully achieved throughout the year, some remain as hopeful resolutions. Here are ten examples of gasgas resolutions that everyone often makes but never really sticks by:

“Magpapapayat na ako”

Who hasn’t made this new year’s resolution? It’s probably one of the most popular and one of the most broken. That’s why it’s nothing new to see the gym jam-packed right after new year’s because people tend to be more motivated at the start of the year.

But come a few months after, and the crowd gets smaller.

“Mag-iipon na ko”

Nobody likes petsa de peligro or living on a small amount until it hints the 15th or 30th. That’s why trying to save up is a popular new year’s resolution.

There are those who try different techniques to saving too, from creative strategies to saving small amounts in frequent portions to allocating a certain amount everytime our ATMs get filled.

“I’ll eat healthier”

It’s one of the hardest resolutions to push through but it remains to be one of the most popular.

Everybody wants a healthier lifestyle, but rarely does a food plan push through until December.

“I’ll start going to the gym”

Just like losing weight or eating healthy, many people wish to live an active lifestyle by hitting the gym. Unfortunately, this resolution doesn’t even reach half a year for many.

“I’ll pursue my passion”

Many are so wrapped up with their jobs that they never really have time to pursue their passion, may it be a talent or a pass time. So people tend to try and plan out how they’ll squeeze in some leisure time for some passion-building the next year round.

“Titigil na ako sa paninigarilyo”

From creating a good habit to breaking a bad one, a lot of smokers do keep the “stop smoking” resolution on their list.

“Titigil na ako sa pag-iinom”

Just like smoking, there are also those who want to sober up and get serious by quitting drinking altogether.

“Mas magttravel ako”

Thanks to budget flights and constant updates on Facebook timelines, traveling is easily attainable.

Unfortunately, traveling can be a little bit more complicated than hopping on a plane for some. It means planning out for leaves and saving up.

“Magiging organized na ako”

Yup, you’re not the only one. A lot of people wish to be more organized. May it be cleaning up and rearranging the home, clearing their closet or just properly planning out their long-term and short-term goals.

What’s the Starbucks planner if not to be organized right?

“Mag-oout of town trip na kami ng barkada”

There comes a time when the barkada can’t even meet up anymore due to busy schedules. Messenger chats start to be filled with links of possible places to go but never really pushes through.

It’s no wonder that many include going out-of-town with friends as part of their list.

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