10 Feel-Good Songs That Can Boost Your Day

10 Feel-Good Songs That Can Boost Your Day


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You can’t deny that music plays a big in our lives. Music help us express our feelings, music inspires us, music is sometimes our strength whenever we are feeling down. Music can empower us just with the lyrics and it can influence our mood with its beat. It affects our daily mood.

Here are 10 songs that will help you to lighten up, inspire you and empower you to continue doing the things you love to do everyday. Wherever you are, whatever kind of music you choose, music will always be there to back you up.

Born This Way

Born this Way is the lead single of the American Singer, Lady Gaga in her self titled album, ‘Lady Gaga’. This single was written by Lady Gaga herself, produced by Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. The song was inspired by the 1990s music and symbolizes as the ‘freedom’ song.

In the lyrics of Born this Way, the verse talks about empowering yourself and expressing yourself. In the chorus, it talks about not apologizing about who you are and accepting yourself.

“There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are”
She said: “‘Cause He made you perfect, babe
So hold your head up, girl, and you’ll go far
Listen to me when I say”
I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

No matter who you are, you were created by God, you are beautiful, you are handsome he made you perfect, there’s nothing wrong with you. You are not a mistake, you are the best, you are perfect.


Wings is the lead single of the album DNA of the British girl group, Little Mix. This single was co-written by the group collaboration of Iain James, Erika Nuri, Michelle Lewis, Mischke, Heidi Rojas and the song’s producers, TMS. The song was inspired by empowering the individuals.

Little Mix wrote Wings for uplifting their fans.They want to write songs that has message and uplift the listener’s mood and they always make sure that the listeners can relate to it.

Mama told me not to waste my life,
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don’t let what they say keep you up at night
And they can’t detain you
‘Cause wings are made to fly
And we don’t let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won’t hurt me
Don’t matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly

Do not be bothered to what they are saying to you, do not listen to them. Always remember that they cannot pull you down. No matter what they are saying, it’s nothing those are just words, use it as an instrument to continue. You are not made to fall down but you are made to shine.


Radioactive is a single from the album Night Visions of the American rock band, Imagine Dragons. This single was written by Imagine Dragons themselves. This song was inspired by apocalyptic and evolutionist themes.

The song was attributed with religious and spiritual image.

I raise my flag and dye my clothes
It’s a revolution, I suppose
We’re painted red to fit right in
Whoa oh
I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse
Whoa oh

You are invincible, wake up! You can do anything in your life, you need to go on. You need to go on, there are several things to explore. Life is so precious, continue it and see it in a new way.

Who Says

Who Says is the lead single of the album Sun Goes Down of the American band The Scene and Selena Gomez. This single was written by Priscilla Renea and Emanuel Kiriakou.

According to Selena Gomez, this song has the purpose to inspire and clap back to the haters especially about cyberbullying.

Who says you’re not star potential?
Who says you’re not presidential?
Who says you can’t be in movies?
Who says you don’t pass the test?
Who says you can’t be the best?
Who says you’re not perfect?
Who says you’re not worth it?

You are who you are, no one can define you but yourself. You can be anything, do not mind them. You are successful, you are something. There words should not affect you since they don’t know you. You know yourself better than anyone.


Roar is the lead single of the album Prism of the American singer, Katy Perry. This single was written by Katy Perry with Bonnie McKee and its producers Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Cirkut.

This song will give you self-empowerment and encourage you to stand up for yourself.

You held me down, but I got up (hey!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, your hear that sound
Like thunder, gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up
Get ready ’cause I had enough
I see it all, I see it now

Do not be afraid to shout your opinion, you have to fight for what you want to say. Fight for everything, do not let them pull you down. Stand up, do not let them push you down. You are strong, most importantly you are what who you are.

Fight Song

Fight Song is a single from the album Wildflower of the American songwriter Rachel Platten. This single was written by Rachel Platten herself together with Dave Bassett and Jon Levine.

The song was inspired by a lot of struggles and experience that Rachel Platten encountered while achieving her dream to be a singer in the music industry.

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Do not underestimate yourself, always believe in you. Push yourself until you achieve your dream, you can do it, you can make it. Those hardworks will pay off, use it as a lesson, continue what you want, continue what makes you happy.


Confident is a second single from the album Confident of the American singer, Demi Lovato. This single is written by Demi Lovato herself with Savan Kotecha, Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh.

The song aims to encourage someone to be confident and believe in themselves

It’s time to get the chains out
Is your tongue tied up?
‘Cause this is my ground
And I’m dangerous
And you can get off
But it’s all about me tonight
So you say I’m complicated
That I must be outta my mind
But you’ve had me underrated
Rated, rated

A confident person will not let anyone – trash talk or defame their dignity. You make your own choices, your own self- identity. Embrace your flaws, embrace yourself. Do not let anyone pull you down. Look at them in the eye, head high, I am confident.

All About That Bass

All About the Bass is the debut single in the album Title of the American singer and songwriter, Meghan Trainor. This single was written by Meghan Trainor herself with Producer Kevin Kadish.

The song discusses about positive body image. It’s about accepting your physical beauty and not caring for what people tell you.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do
‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
And all the right junk in all the right places
I see the magazine workin’ that Photoshop
We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop
If you got beauty, beauty, just raise ’em up
‘Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

Beauty comes from different sizes, shapes, shades and stage in life. Every inch of you is perfect, he created you perfect. Be strong, be vibrant, worry less about your size, worry about your health and fill in what your heart desires.

Don’t Stop Me Now

Don’t Stop Me Now is a single from the album Jazz of the British rock band, Queen. This song was written by Freddie Mercury.

The song’s purpose is to uplift a person in times of struggles.

Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it’s turning inside out Yeah!
I’m floating around in ecstasy
So don’t stop me now don’t stop me
‘Cause I’m having a good time having a good time
I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go
There’s no stopping me

Live your life to the fullest, no one can stop you. No one can erase your happiness.


Beautiful is a second single from the album Stripped of the American singer, Christina Aguilera. This single was written by Linda Perry.

The song’s purpose is to discuss about inner beauty, self- esteem and insecurity issues.

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down… Oh no.
So don’t you bring me down today.

You are precious, you are beautiful. You are a treasure that is worth more than a million. Be firm, be steady, be unwavering. You don’t need anyone to validate you, you just need yourself. No one can bring you down, those are just words, words that can be erased. Prove them that they are wrong, prove them who you are and what you are capable of.

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