10 Facts About EXO Performing At The Closing Of 2018 Winter Olympics

EXO the biggest Kpop boy band is set to perform in the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 this February 25, 8PM KST. The IOC of the olympics considered many artist to perform on the closing ceremony and choose EXO and CL to close the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Expect an epic and lit performance and loud fanchants. Both of the performers will rock the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018. Here are 10 facts you should know about EXO:

Quadruple Million Seller

EXO already sold 4 million of albums and they are now hold title of Quadruple Million Seller .Those albums are XOXO, EXODUS, Ex’Act and The War .Their album XOXO is the first album to sold over 1 million copies in 12 years.

EXO’s second album EXODUS sold over 753,860 copies plus their repackage album which is Love Me Right sold over 371,160 copies that makes 1,125,020 sold copies. Their new album The War sold 1,012,021 copies in a span of 24 days.

Prime Minister Commendation Award

On November 3, 2017, EXO along with other artists such as, Kim Jong Suk, Song Hong Sub, Lee Eung Bok, Jang Yoo Jin, Jinusean’s Sean, Jang Yoon Jung, Ji Sung won the Prime Minister Commendation award in National Korea Theater in Seoul.

During their speech, Kim Junmyeon also known as Suho (EXO’s leader) stated that they are so honored in receiving such big award he also added that, EXO will become the singers who will inform the world about KPOP and Korea.


Most Daesang Awards Won for a Group

They are the title holder of Most Daesang Awards for a Group, they were even featured in Guinness book of world records for the most Daesang awards won in Mnet Asia Music Awards or MAMA awards.

EXO now has the record of 24 daesangs and still counting!

Best Selling Artist in Korea for 5 Consecutive Years

EXO ranks number 2 for Best selling artist for physical sales along with Big Bang who ranks the first.

You can’t deny but EXO, The Nation’s boy group really is charting and surpassing their own records despite of some struggles that they encountered on the past they really are on the next level and they deserve to be called as the Nation’s boy group and Korea’s representative idol group.

Sold out Concert Tickets

EXO, the group who sold out concert tickets in just 0.2 seconds during their concert Elyxion in Korea! The concert was held in Gocheok Sky Dome with an amount of 71, 080 the tickets were sold out in just 0.2 seconds, their fans really look forward for their spectacular concert.

They keep on breaking their own records, during the Exo’luxion concert the tickets were sold out in just 0.4 seconds. This group is really Daebak!

Most Music Show Wins

EXO is really amazing not just in gathering Daesang awards but winning in music shows. EXO has over 100 music show wins and still counting.

First Kpop Artist to sell One Million Albums in 12 Years

EXO’s first full length album already set the record of the first artist to sold out 1 million album.

XOXO sold a total of 1,007,557 copies . They’ve sold out 471, 570 copies of album on their first full length and 536,007 for their first full length repackage.

The War ranks as Best Selling Album

Base on GAON Chart Rankings, the combination of EXO’s The War Chinese and Korean version topped the National Physical album ranking with an amount of 959,417 copies sold on July 31. The War was dropped on July 2017 and sold out almost 2 million copies.

The War is holding the title of the most popular Kpop album on 2017. The War sold 1,086,307 copies together with The War: Power of Music, the repackage garnered 506,485 sold copies.

The First Overseas Artist to Hit #1 on Oricon Weekly Charts

EXO is the first international group to top the Oricon Weekly Charts with their first full length Japanese album, Countdown.

The album has sold over 89,000 copies on the first eight weeks of its release.

EXO and EXO-L Relationship Goals

You can’t deny that EXO and EXOL’s relationship is such a goal. Fans stated that EXO really love EXOL and they even gave EXOL their own nickname which is ‘Eri’. EXO also held their own birthday party with EXOL and celebrate with them.

Park Chanyeol, EXO’s main rapper tattooed ‘L-1485’ in his arms that symbolizes his love and EXOL’s birthday. EXO and EXOL is not just an idol and fandom relationship but it is a FAMILY.

[+244, -5] That’s why EXO-Ls listen to EXO. Whenever there’s a bad controversy, an EXO member will post and say he knows what’s going on and that he wants us to calm down. When it was an anniversary of EXO-L fandom, they posted a pair of baby shoes that they wore for the first time and congratulated us. They also talked about their everyday life a lot on V app, although they don’t do it anymore. I’m so thankful when they post on From EXO and say they miss us.

[+81, -2] EXO thanks us because we comfort them when there’s a controversy. We thank EXO because they also comfort us back despite of their own controversies. They mention us everyday, I feel so loved ㅠㅠ