10 Extreme Restaurants Around The World

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They say that dining is an experience of the place, the food and the service. But what if the restaurant’s setting is 50 meters high up in the air, on the blue sea of Bora-bora or maybe beside a mountain cliff in China?

Some restaurants dared to dream beyond the typical metropolitan location or organic set-up in the laid-back province. They engineered the most jaw-dropping and physics-defying set-ups to achieve the title of an “extreme restaurant”. While there are already quite a long list existing, here are our top ten:

Four Seasons Resort – Private Island Dinner

Four Seasons resort in Bora bora made their aquatic treasure a Polynesian-style dining location by setting up mono-block chairs and tables on the ocean-side. The intimate dinner begins with a canoe ride from the shore to the private dining island.

But the dining can also be set-up on the ocean-view terrace of your private bungalow— all catered by the impeccable service of Four seasons resort. Just imagine the two of you, seemingly stuck in an island surrounded by magnificent landscape scenery and splendid lagoons. Isn’t it romantic? So, once you’re there, own it!

Photo credit: fourseasons.com

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