As Valentine’s Day is about to approach, every man has their own unique way to express love and affection to their girl. But, nothing beats a precious little gift that will remind her of you and your love for her.

Today, a lot of men are still clueless about what might be that “precious little gift” is that would make her smile. This should go without saying that gifts should indeed be precious and memorable. But not “memorable” in a way that it is repetitive and unchanging.

To fix a bit of your puzzled-mind pieces, here are the gifts that you should not bother thinking twice about buying, just immediately drop the idea:

10Flowers or Roses

As we all know, red symbolizes love and it’ll probably surround you on the love month. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are required to follow the theme color of the month. As much as women love roses, they don’t want to be one of those ladies holding roses too. She will feel more special if she receives something that is unique from others.

Flowers are the most common thing to give when a man is still on the courtship stage. And I’m pretty sure you’ve already given this to her, so why repeat it? Be creative by making her say “wow” and not “not again.”