Being a celebrity comes with a loaded list of expectations. Because they’re considered as public role-models, celebrities try their best to maintain a well-rounded approach in life—may it be a generous heart, sharpening their skills and talents, and a healthy lifestyle.

However, with the little time they have left to squeeze in their daily schedules, celebs have to work and train twice as hard to achieve the body-shape they want or even need for a specific role. Whether it is for personal gratification or to stand as a role-model for fans to stay fit, here are 10 celebrity weight-loss transformations that may shock you.


10. Raymond Gutierrez

Raymond Gutierrez is known as a child superstar with his twin brother, Richard Gutierrez during their young years. They were admired by many because of their cute chubby face and body. Now, he is a successful TV host, editor, entrepreneur, columnist but recently, he made a biggest achievement after his epic transformation.

Raymond showed the success he made for himself by losing 65 pounds within 90 days. The television host captured a lot of attention after his weight-loss which resulted to a leaner and healthier Raymond Gutierrez. A lot of people are now considering him as their inspiration in achieving a fit body and practicing a healthier lifestyle.