10 Celebrity Weight-Loss Transformations That Will Surprise You

Being a celebrity comes with a loaded list of expectations. Because they’re considered as public role-models, celebrities try their best to maintain a well-rounded approach in life—may it be a generous heart, sharpening their skills and talents, and a healthy lifestyle.

However, with the little time they have left to squeeze in their daily schedules, celebs have to work and train twice as hard to achieve the body-shape they want or even need for a specific role. Whether it is for personal gratification or to stand as a role-model for fans to stay fit, here are 10 celebrity weight-loss transformations that may shock you.

Raymond Gutierrez

Raymond Gutierrez is known as a child superstar with his twin brother, Richard Gutierrez during their young years. They were admired by many because of their cute chubby face and body. Now, he is a successful TV host, editor, entrepreneur, columnist but recently, he made a biggest achievement after his epic transformation.

Raymond showed the success he made for himself by losing 65 pounds within 90 days. The television host captured a lot of attention after his weight-loss which resulted to a leaner and healthier Raymond Gutierrez. A lot of people are now considering him as their inspiration in achieving a fit body and practicing a healthier lifestyle.


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Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff is a French-Filipino content creator, food enthusiast and popularly known as the husband of Anne Curtis-Smith.

A food lover himself, Erwan Heussaff, who is now known for his lifestyle blogs, admitted to being chubby as a child but regained his confidence when he decided to get in shape. He managed to lose weight and is now spreading health awareness to inspire people through his blogs and content.

Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson is a Filipino-British model, TV host and entrepreneur. She is behind the famous sunglasses shop called “Sunnies” with his business partners Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee, Jr.

Georgina didn’t start-off in the industry with the figure she has now, she worked hard to earn her physique. She endured a lot of physical training as preparation for her shoots or endorsements. In a previous interview years ago with Ricky Lo, Georgina admitted, “The [GSM] calendar shoot was one of the most important projects of mine, which I had to do a lot of physical preparations for. I worked out every single day for about 45 days.”

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Solenn Heussaff

Solenn Heussaff, the Filipina-French model, professional make-up artist and also known as one of the It-Girls in the Philippines, but she wasn’t always as confident as she is now. The actress happily shared to the public her photos during the days she was much chubbier. Today, Solenn is admired for her beautiful and healthy body by staying fit and doing a lot of workouts, making her a fitness inspiration.

What’s most admirable about this beauty is not only does she talk about having a healthy lifestyle, but also accepting your body and loving it. She gets real in her blogs and urges for body positivity too.

Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos is a Filipino actress and commercial model. She is known for some popular GMA series such as Stairway to Heaven, The Rich Man’s Daughter and My Love from the Star.

Along with her career, Rhian Ramos has also gone a weight transformation in the journey of her own. However, her story isn’t any less inspiring. Although she was much bigger as a child, Rhian gained the discipline to consistently workout. She posts her workout routine on her Instagram account from time-to-time too.

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Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado has always been vocal about her weight-loss transformation, especially when it’s regarding the hard work she had to exert to achieve her goal body. The actress used to weigh 220 pounds during her younger years, wherein she admitted to experiencing bullying.

She gracefully shared that her weight loss transformation was absolutely a journey, she had to learn the hard way before she lost weight the healthy process. She admitted to have undergone starvation and cosmetic surgery during her initial weight loss journey, however she reminds her fans never to follow such procedures. After much trial and error, Iza realized that the best way to shed pounds was to turn to proper diet and exercise. She has since practiced a lifestyle based on staying fit and eating right.

Aiko Melendez

Aiko Melendez shocked fans when weight-loss and non-invasive slimming solutions brand, Marie France, released a billboard of their newest endorser and face, Aiko Melendez. The actress looked much slimmer than fans were used to. But contrary to what many believed, Aiko’s journey started off and blossomed from sheer determination a full year of hardwork.

She consistently worked off sweat at the gym and practiced a safe diet. Now she happily shares that she trimmed her waistline from a 34 to a 28.

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Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

Judy Ann Santos made her mark in the showbiz industry in her younger years, she was known for being an actress that could shed tears on cue. But she was also known for her chubby cheeks. Although she’d been tagged with the word chubby since, it never hindered the award-winning actress to persevere in achieving the physique she desired.

Juday followed a low-carb high-protein diet which was patterned with a workout routine. Now a mother and a wife and despite her busy schedules, the actress didn’t fail to take on the challenge of losing weight in order to be physically fit again which resulted to a 22-pound weight-loss.

Sunshine Dizon

Sunshine Dizon is a Filipino actress in GMA network. Recently, her name made a noise in showbiz after her feisty split with her husband who allegedly cheated during their marriage. Despite of the separation, Sunshine proves that he maybe lost their marriage but not herself when she posted a photo showing off her 27-inch waistline on her Instagram account.

Sunshine Dizon’s weight loss journey is another one for the books. Despite undergoing a laser liposuction procedure, she didn’t forget to maintain her body’s new figure by working out. She would post some of her workout sessions, which finally resulted in her cutting down 10 waistline sizes.

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta holds the title of ‘Megastar’ for her successful singing career. Aside from singing, she is also known as an award-winning actress, TV host and reality show judge. During her time, she was also admired for having a gorgeous face and a petite-sexy body. But as time passed by, people noticed that her body was gaining and gaining more weight.

The Megastar, Sharon Cuneta definitely captured the public’s attention even more when she proved that she could shed weight. It has been quite a challenge for the multi-talented megastar however she has proven that through perseverance, she can achieve her dream weight-goal. Sharon was able to trim off 66 pounds by disciplining herself with the food she eats, she veers away from carbs and tries to maintain a healthy diet.

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