Tying the knot is one of the most memorable event in every woman and man’s life. Prenuptial shoots have always been part of the tradition of soon-to-be-married lovers and having the best peg is a must. Before the big day, different renowned photographers do their best to capture the personality and ambience the couple want to be transformed into a good story through images.

You will always remember your most special day by looking back to these photos, so you want them to be perfect as possible. These celebrity tandems have the most-sought after prenup shoots we’ve seen. For your inspiration or if you just want to feel the love in the air, check these out!

9Oyo Boy Sotto & Kristine Hermosa

Photographer: Nelwin Uy

Bossing’s son, Oyo and ever-beautiful Kristine have celebrated their 7th year wedding anniversary last January 11. This couple is low-key yet one of the most strongest and sweetest in the industry. Gifted with three children, they express each other’s love through social media in a very humble and heart-warming way.

Taken at the Subic Bay, the concept of this prenup is a mix of old fashion glamour and the simplicity of countryside. Oyo and Kristine looks so natural and comfortable with each other’s company. The shoot truly showcased how love could bring out the happiness in you.

They both looked gorgeous in their outfits which take us back down to memory lane of the oldies but with a touch of refreshing and light vibe because of the shore, nature, and their smiles that could make our hearts flutter. The way they jive with each other’s craziness exude their love to one another!