10 Celebrity Prenup Pegs You Can Choose From

Tying the knot is one of the most memorable event in every woman and man’s life. Prenuptial shoots have always been part of the tradition of soon-to-be-married lovers and having the best peg is a must. Before the big day, different renowned photographers do their best to capture the personality and ambience the couple want to be transformed into a good story through images.

You will always remember your most special day by looking back to these photos, so you want them to be perfect as possible. These celebrity tandems have the most-sought after prenup shoots we’ve seen. For your inspiration or if you just want to feel the love in the air, check these out!

Paul Soriano & Toni Gonzaga

Photographers: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto & Pat Dy

Direk Paul and award-winning actress Toni have an iconic exchange of vows last June 12, 2015 – their 8th anniversary! They have two prenup shoots, each with a different theme that has captured both their serious and fun side. They have been gifted with one chubby baby boy, Seve!

Taken at the National Museum, Oly Ruiz seized the couple’s simplicity and elegance with the rich history and culture of the interiors of the museum. They both looked stunning – with their outfit and the way they blended well with the historical value of the place.

Unleashing their quirky and casual side, Pat Dy made a lovely story out of the beautiful and carefree vibe of this photo shoot. The lovebirds are just having fun and enjoying each other’s company – no inhibitions, just pure love!

Oyo Boy Sotto & Kristine Hermosa

Photographer: Nelwin Uy

Bossing’s son, Oyo and ever-beautiful Kristine have celebrated their 7th year wedding anniversary last January 11. This couple is low-key yet one of the most strongest and sweetest in the industry. Gifted with three children, they express each other’s love through social media in a very humble and heart-warming way.

Taken at the Subic Bay, the concept of this prenup is a mix of old fashion glamour and the simplicity of countryside. Oyo and Kristine looks so natural and comfortable with each other’s company. The shoot truly showcased how love could bring out the happiness in you.

They both looked gorgeous in their outfits which take us back down to memory lane of the oldies but with a touch of refreshing and light vibe because of the shore, nature, and their smiles that could make our hearts flutter. The way they jive with each other’s craziness exude their love to one another!

JC Intal & Bianca Gonzales

Photographer: Pat Dy

The best trio of a lazy day are the elements of the laid-back prenup shoot of TV host Bianca and basketball player JC – pizza, a bed and a couch! They are the epitome of a chill and selfless couple. Aside from being saved from a lot of preparations and money needed, what best way to capture a couple’s intimacy but in a minimalist way, right?

Wearing comfortable clothes in the comfort of their apartment, they look so simple and cozy with each other. True love doesn’t need anything much but the company of the person you want the spend the rest of your life with!

The photos will make you want to snuggle to your sweetheart at home or if you’re single, tightly hug that bear or pillow of yours. HAHA! But this shoot shows nothing but authentic fondness with each other. Captured in the most natural way!

Chito Miranda & Neri Naig

Photographer: Nice Print Photography

Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito and actress Neri tied the knot in a garden wedding in Tagaytay City last 2014. Every netizen knows how much Chito loves his wife, with every appreciation post he makes in his Facebook account. Who wouldn’t want their partner to shout out to this world how proud he/she is of you, right?

Another one of those prenup shoots who doesn’t have the glitz and glamour, Chito and Neri’s has the raw and down-to-earth vibe in them. Taken in a trailer house on a winding road, they look homey and warm with each other.

This rugged, romantic engagement shoot is perfect for those who want a low-budget yet high-quality photos. Maybe Parokya ni Edgar’s famous song “Harana” will come along perfectly with this.

Nico Bolzico & Solenn Heussaff

Photographer: Mark Nicdao

TV host and actress Solenn married fiancé Nico Bolzico on May 21, 2016 in France. They are known to be one of the funniest and eccentric couple because of their personal differences. Wifezilla is how Nico calls Solenn in social media and their random posts about each other is truly hilarious.

This couple looks like they are from the Greek era, with their beauty, charm, and physique – no wonder they fit each other perfectly. Their chemistry is to die for and how lovely they both look would truly make you swoon.

This bohemian-style shoot will surely give you a very artistic ambiance. With you and your lover’s style, you can surely pull off a Solenn-and-Nico spark!

John Prats & Isabel Oli

Photographer: Nice Print Photography

They first became a couple five years ago. Two weddings and a daughter later, John and Isabel are still madly in love with each other. Their prenup shoot’s theme is four seasons which is somehow a description of how married life is. Despite the changes a couple goes through in their life, they’re a proof that love could withstand anything.

They look so lively and dynamic with the photos – with their enthusiasm truly evident in every frame. Being vibrant and glowing like this happens when you are in love and being taken care of by the love of your life.

The shared glances with each other, the colorful surroundings, and having the presence of one another make every picture lighthearted. If getting married looks like this, who wouldn’t want to, right?

Drew Arellano & Iya Villania

Photographer: MangoRed

Kapuso actors-hosts Iya and Drew marked their fourth wedding anniversary last month, proving that their love hasn’t changed through time. They are one of those adrenaline-junkie, sporty, and outgoing couple in the industry. They have been together for 10 years before getting married and everyone is jealous for that one-of-a-kind relationship.

With the theme, Biyahe ni Drew at Iya, the shoot’s set-up is a road trip and easy-going type. Their kulitan moments with each other are framed in a way that you’d say awwwww every time you see them.

The shots are very aesthetic and appealing to the eyes, with the couple looking very happy in them. You could almost feel the positive energy and happiness of the two just by looking at the pictures!

Erwan Heussaff & Anne Curtis

Photographer: Sweet Escape

Erwan and Anne have been married since November of last year, in a private ceremony in New Zealand. They’re also one of the most loved and supported couple online because of their compassion and love to each other.

Field of dreams. ? @hendryyadhisna @sweet.escape

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They’ve had their prenup shoot in their getaway at Seoul, South Korea. Those who love K-dramas aspire to have the same theme for their prenups, for sure. Looking aesthetically beautifully, this couple takes our breath away by looking more in love in every picture.

Mon amour ? . : : . @sweet.escape @hendryyadhisna

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Anne is seen as one of the most-talented, humble, and magnificent woman in the industry and seeing her get married to a wonderful man makes every one happy for the both of them. Another fairy-tale like love story turned into reality! How we wish we could find someone to share gorgeous photo shoots like this, please.

Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia

Photographers: Nice Print Photography, Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo

Coleen reveals that she and Billy will have a destination beach wedding this April. In line with that, they have been doing prenup shoots abroad showcasing the beautiful and diverse cultures we have around the world. Though they are one of the most controversial couples, especially with the recent issue, they still continue to radiate their love and appreciation to one another.

Taken at the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia, they wanted to showcase the exotic and intricacy of the place – with the locals, outfits, locations, and infrastructure. Some of their photos have been taken down by Metrophoto because of the backlash reactions of the netizen towards them. The couple has already released a statement regarding this matter and said that they meant no harm with the photos.

Billy and Coleen ? Prenuptial shoot Koh Samui Thailand

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Taken at Thailand, this prenup shoot is more daring and alluring than Ethiopia’s. Featuring their wet look, they have that hunger in their eyes for each other. They wanted to show the world their dark and fun side which amounts to who they are as a couple. Though people might see it differently in other perspective, they totally earn appreciation from exploring and wandering around for this shoot.

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera

Photographers: Mark Nicdao, Ronnie Salvacion, Nice Print Photography

DongYan’s wedding is dubbed as the Wedding of the Century and the country’s own version of Royal Wedding. With the extravagance and popularity of the power couple, everyone sought-after for this fairy tale-like love story they have. With the blessing of Baby Zia in their life, they continue to be one of the #RelationshipGoals of today!

Taken at Dubai, under the scorching heat of the sun and vastness of the desert, this couple haven’t failed to project their sophistication and style. They look radiant and satisfied with one another – as well as the effort and hard work the whole team have pulled off to make this wonderful shoot possible.

Their laughter and smiles, kisses and glances, proof of unconditional love and affection with each other could be seen through the various shots done. Truly, they are one of the most captivating and charming amongst all the couples in the industry.

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