10 Celebrities Who Are Very Close To Their Dads

10 Celebrities Who Are Very Close To Their Dads


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Admit it or not, it’s really hard to be placed in the spotlight. That’s why it’s very important to have someone by your side to guide and support you in your endeavors, and protect you from all the negative things being thrown to you—a father. And just when you thought celebrities are all about glam and fame, here are 10 celebrities who, despite their busy schedules, still maintain a tight relationship with their fathers:

Anne Curtis-Smith

One of the celebrities known to have a very close relationship with her father is Kapamilya actress, Anne Curtis-Smith. Her father, James Curtis Smith, is a lawyer and a former officer of the Royal Australian Navy. He is an Aussie war veteran who fought along with the others during the World War II.

Anne and her younger sister Jasmine have 8 more sisters and 2 brothers. Their mother Carmen and dad are not together anymore. However, the two still remain close friends. Anne and her sister, who are both very close to their father, visit him every once in a while. Anne Curtis makes sure that she spend even a short period of time just to be with her parents.

Toni Gonzaga

Like Anne, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano is known to have a very close relationship with her parents, most especially with her dad. Toni is the eldest daughter of Carlito Gonzaga. Also known by his nickname “Bonoy,” he is elected as the vice mayor of Taytay, Rizal.

Having both parents by their side, she and her sister Alex were honed with the teachings instilled by their father while growing up. In her interviews, Toni was very vocal that his dad was the one who trained her to sing and to act. While her mother was always by her side every audition she attended to. The TV host-actress promised to continue passing what she has learned when she starts a family of her own.

Angel Locsin

Living with her father starting at the age of 14, Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin has maintained a very close and intimate relationship with her dad Angelo Colmenares. She has had neither a contact or a relationship with her mother.

Angel, together with her father, has gone through a lot of challenges in life such as her father’s blindness and her medical problem with her spinal cord. But despite all of these, the two has remained steadfast.

Iñigo Pascual

Yes, this singer-actor became really famous in the Philippine showbiz industry for being the son of none other than Papa P, Piolo Pascual. Iñigo Pascual is the child of the actor to Donabelle Lazaro. Despite of the unexpectancy when the news came out that Piolo had a child, Piolo did not let their relationship to get affected by the public opinion.

Iñigo possesses the talents and the looks of his father Piolo. And, it’s no doubt, the father-and-son is known for their very close relationship as they’re not afraid to show affection in public. In fact, they had a video giving each other a smack kiss on the lips which became trending throughout the day.

I'll miss you again while you're away.. Love you pa.

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Yassi Pressman

Yassi Pressman has a very cute relationship with her British father, Ronald Pressman. She and her sister are super close to their dad that when the actress missed his birthday due to her stay at Pinoy Big Brother house, she couldn’t help but cry.

Yassi’s parents got separated when she was still very young. Raising them as a single dad, it’s no secret how Yassi loves her father that much and how she and her sister were very close to each other. It’s quite evident too with how affectionate they are with each other.

André Paras

André Paras who’s making a name for himself, is the king of ‘deadma’ when people talk about their family issues. Despite all the family-showbiz drama, André Paras has always maintained a close relationship with his father, actor-athlete Benjie Paras.

André and his brother Kobe have been under the custody of their father after the separation with Jackie Foster. The two brothers inherit Benjie’s skills and the three love to bond with basketball. Along with that, Paras brothers have been very appreciative of Lyxen Diomampo, their step-mom whom they considered as their real biological mom. And even though, Kobe Paras has been busy with his studies and basketball at U.S.A and likewise, André is as busy with his career, both ensures that they maintain their bond together where every year the family would visit Kobe in U.S or the other way around.

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KC Concepcion

Mega star Sharon Cuneta and actor Gabby Concepcion has long been out of love but that doesn’t stop their daughter KC Concepcion in spending time with them. Following her mother’s marriage with senator Kiko Pangilinan, KC wasn’t able to see her father for 13 years.

She reconnected with him in 1995 and, though they cannot spend time together often, she makes sure to communicate with Gabby. Gabby on the other hand is always proud to call KC his split image. In fact, they had a movie together entitled “I’ll be there” where the story pretty much portray the story of their family.

Gab Valenciano

Gab Valenciano is the second son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. Gab is most likely Gary’s carbon copy— from the looks to the energy. He and his two siblings, Paolo and Kiana, have always maintained a very strong connection with their father every since they were little.

Amidst the issue where Gab and his ex-wife was involved, and where Gab received a lot of negative comments, his father, Gary was there to defend and protect him against the false allegations. With Gab’s inheritance of his father’s talent, they sometimes share the stage together and even guests each to each other’s concert.



Leila Alcasid

This rising star’s not just recognized by her beautiful face and voice, she’s also famous for her parents— former Miss Australia Michelle van Eimeren and singer-actor Ogie Alcasid.

Leila grew up under her mother’s care; however, she had more and more interest about the country as time went by. She also wanted to reconnect with her father and follow his steps in the show business. Leila have also appeared surprising her father in his few shows and have also experienced sharing a stage with him. Despite growing up away from her father, Ogie, Leila keeps their her daughter-relationship quite affectionate and loving towards each other.


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Kylie Padilla

Of course, who would forget Kylie and her father Binoy? Kylie Padilla is the daughter of Robin “Binoy” Padilla to Liezel Sicangco. She has other siblings from her including Queenie and Ali. But Kylie has maintained a close relationship with him as he guides her in the industry they’re both in.

Padilla’s, being known as one of the most gentlemen in the industry and Robin Padilla having more daughters than sons, is extra-gentle when it comes to his actual female children. Despite being the husband of Mariel Padilla, he still takes care of his other children. In his interviews, he is very expressive about being a protective father and how he misses his bond with his daughters as most of them are already grown-ups. But, Kylie has the most chance to be with his father for they’re both into the same industry.

Congrats Pa and Tita Mariel ! 🙂

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Missed you Papa! ❤️

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The Importance Of Deepening Ties And Friendship On Online English Education

51Talk hosts the 2020 Sino-Philippines Educational Exchanges in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the founding of bilateral relations between the Philippines and China.

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