10 Celebrities From The 90s And How They Look Like Now

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Oh, the 90s! The decade of kachupoy haircuts, boy-band obsessions, and bulky first generation gadgets! The ‘90s kids truly had the best of both worlds as the past and the present collide, but not everything was easy back then. Remember when we had to carry around a huge walk man and had to watch Titanic in two parts? Stalking our celebrity crushes was even harder because Instagram and Facebook didn’t exist yet. We had to wait for them to appear on TV. If we wanted a photo of them, we would wait for them to appear in magazines so we could cut them out and put them on our walls.

A lot of us reminisce about the 90s as we enjoy the bittersweet nostalgia of our fashion choices, favorite music, and of course, our childhood crushes. While we can see most of them now, you might still be wondering what they look like then and now.

1. Claudine Barretto

Before KathNiel and LizQuen, Rico Yan and Claudine were the quintessential love team. They made us kilig in Got 2 Believe and F.L.A.M.E.S., and when they got together in real life, we almost died from happiness. Whether she was playing a rebel student, a kind girl next door, or the smart and beautiful daughter of Mang Kevin, Claudine was one of our favorites during the 90’s.

Today, Claudine has 3 children and, although she took a break from acting, she came back to showbiz and starred in Etiquette for Mistresses (2015). Now, she’s also a product endorser and an entrepreneur.

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