10 Benefits Of Breaking Up With Your Ex

No, the world isn’t over.

The moment your partner breaks up with you (or vice versa), you can’t help but feel sorry for yourself and mope around. But hey, almost everyone has been there in one way or another. And don’t you know that breaking up with your ex causes a lot of unexpected benefits too? Here are some of the 10 benefits that break ups can give you.

You’ll Have The Freedom To Do Anything You Want

After being in a relationship wherein someone has the chance or the right to control you other than yourself, you can now have the freedom to do whatever you want with your life—without someone else interrupting you from time to time or asking for an update of where you are or what you’re doing.

Remember that self love is the greatest kind of love.

You Undergo Post-Breakup Energy

Upon experiencing heartbreak from the one you loved after ending a relationship, a lot of people feel energized and inspired to do something out-of-the-box and a sense of purpose is usually felt by many.

You feel that you want to do thing you never did before. You cut your hair, you eat at a new restaurant or even try a

You Can Now Flirt Without Feeling Guilty

Now that you’re single, you can talk to and see anyone, anytime and anywhere without feeling guilty. It’s your choice after all. However, it’s up to you whether you’ll follow the three-month rule or not.

You have all the freedom that you ever wanted. You can now smile at that cute bar tender you always see at your favorite coffee shop.

You Can Start Saving Up More

Not having a special someone also means gaining more savings as compared to before. Because all the money you spend on each monthsary, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas Day will now stay in your wallet for as long as you’d like to.

This is a fun thing to do when you are single. You can buy anything your heart desires. You’ll be swimming with money and you’ll love it.

You Have Less Priorities To Stress About

Having a hard time juggling all your priorities such as work, family, social life, studies, business and relationship? Now, you can subtract one of those out of the picture. While a relationship can be a choice, it is also just as heavy of a responsibility and priority.

The nice thing about this is you can think of yourself more than ever. You don’t have to deal with other peoples problems and you can actually straighten your life and priorities.

You Discover More Opportunities Waiting For You

Because you have acquired more freedom, it’s inevitable that you have the itch to go beyond your usual circle—once you’re already single, you tend to discover other things that you don’t usually do or encounter and you get more time to explore.

More opportunities will come in your way and the only thing you should do is to grab all of them because you deserve it all.

You Don’t Need To Consider Someone Else When Plotting Your Schedule

If you’ve had a hard time adjusting your schedule with your ex’s before, then now, you no longer have to feel like each day’s task has to be compromised.

Eventually, you might see yourself setting a more productive schedule and have free time to run errands and meet up with other friends.

You Realize Who Your True Friends Are

There’s a point in time when you were head over heels in love with your ex and forgot to keep in touch with your friends.

But the moment that you experience breaking up is the same moment you’ll realize who your friends are—the people who will always be there for you no matter what happens.

You Get To Appreciate The People Around You More

What’s sad about being in a relationship is forgetting about other people who love you as well. Once you’re single, you realize the other types of love you haven’t paid attention to—the love of your friends and family.

Loving your family must be one of the best things in life. You get to see them more often and experience the warmth of their love to you.

You Learn To Become A Better Person

Because of the pain that the heartbreak you went through, wanting to change yourself is inevitable. But this opportunity will motivate you to change yourself into someone better in all aspects.

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