10 Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind This Summer

It is finally the time wherein we don’t mind spending hours under the sun, swimming around the pool or the beach, and just relaxing and feeling the breeze on our skin. Truly, summer is one of the most-awaited seasons in the country because we could relieve our stress for a while and have a good time. Girls actually do prepare to have a summer-ready body, skin, and outfit!

All the ladies want to keep their selves fresh and vibrant all throughout this summer and these beauty tips could be your daily mantra during these times. You could never fully enjoy if you have worries and these tips will help you have a peace of mind for your beauty this summer!


Before applying your makeup or going outdoors, exfoliating your face is a must. You can buy a lot of exfoliating creams in the market, just make sure to choose a product that is fit to your skin type. You can also make your own at home using simple ingredients that could be found at your kitchen or pantry. Hassle-free!

Remember though to not exfoliate every day because that can cause over scrubbing of the skin that might lead to redness, rashes, and breakouts. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week, in a circulatory motion. You should do it preferably in the evenings, and not right before you go for a swim or out in the sun because your skin is more vulnerable.

Always put sunscreen

To avoid getting sunburns in your face and across your body, make sure to apply sunscreen (SPF30 and above) at least 15 minutes before you head outdoors. Make sure you don’t miss any spots, such as middle of your back and the back of your legs. Apply ample amount especially on your face because too much might make you feel icky and uncomfortable.

Be confident and protected this summer by wearing your favorite Sunnies and hat – and don’t forget to re-apply at least every two hours to keep your skin UV-protected and healthy under the heat of the sun.

Eat your veggies and fruits

Seasonal summer foods like watermelon, berries, and citrus fruits have a higher concentration of water to help you stay cool and hydrated in the heat. Balance of all the nutrients from these fruits is what your body needs to make it look young and fresh despite the scorching heat.

Include as many fruits and veggies in your meals as possible – go for salads, smoothies, and juices. Going organic is much healthier and safer than processed ones! Have an excellent-looking skin by eating the right type of foods to maintain your beauty.

Wear breathable fabrics

It is important to wear comfortable clothes during this season because aside from adding up to the warmth feeling, you might also get irritations due to thick fabrics. Cotton and lighter material for clothing should be worn to somehow relieve the heat. Tight clothes will limit your movements and will make sweaty parts of the body itch more.

Shorts and tank tops usually make up your OOTD during summer because the more skin you expose, the greater the feeling would be. You feel more at ease to move and you don’t have to worry much about your clothes. Let yourself breathe more by wearing daring clothes than usual because it’s summer anyways, and you should flaunt that wonderful body of yours.

Protect your lips

Whatever your color choice is, get a lip balm with SPF and apply it generously on your lips to protect them from the sun. Our lips is very sensitive during the dry season so better make sure to keep it hydrated, as well.

Some girls tend to forget about their lips, which result to dry and scarred ones. Exchange your usual matte lippies or lip gloss with lip balms during the summer to avoid dried lips and rashes. Make sure to dab every once in a while, especially when you feel that it is not moist anymore. Have that perfect smile for your selfie by making sure that you have your kissable lips ready.

Do not over-expose

Too much sun is bad for your skin. Exposing yourself especially during the afternoon is not healthy, because aside from skin discoloration, it could also be cancerous. Not only can you get tanned (which is not always a bad thing) but over exposure to sun rays can cause premature ageing of skin too.

It is ideal to go outside early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the direct sun’s heat on your skin. Make sure to travel with a good skin care regimen and protect yourself from the harmful impact of sun rays to avoid skin problems.

Use light/natural shades for your makeup

I dare you to go natural this summer, ladies! Putting too much makeup will just be hassle especially if you wear heat-sensitive products. It would not last with the humidity and rather than looking happy and refreshing, you might look distressed.

Your skin already gets a beautiful sun-kissed glow during summers, and all you must do is enhance it with pleasant and light shades of makeup. Don’t over-do it because you will radiate as long as you feel happy from within. Smile, laugh, and enjoy the summer until it last!

Drink a lot of water

Stay away from sugary drinks that are full of calories and drink lots of water instead to keep yourself hydrated during this hot season. It is important to drink more than 8 glasses of water during this time because you might feel dizzy due to the heat. We tend to sweat a lot as well during the summer and drinking water is the best way to rejuvenate.

To be able to stay active and go to an adventure, you need to stay lively and full of energy. If you feel too hot, you’ll lose that spirit and one of the way to conquer that is by drinking your liquids. Water in before you can enjoy the water outside!

Stack up on Aloe Vera

Way before the hype of glassy skin from Koreans, Aloe Vera has been a proven and tested skincare product. It it anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, calms the skins and nourishes it intensely. During the summer, our skin tend to be dry because of too much exposure to heat or just because it is sensitive and applying aloe to cool and soothe your skin after a long day under the sun is a must.

You can either pluck fresh aloe vera and scoop the gel from the leaf to apply it to your skin or you can choose from the many Aloe Vera products available in the market. After application and letting it dry for a few minutes, you feel refreshed and your skin will have that glow.


Of course, the top of the list no doubt, is to moisturize. The number one solution to avoid dry skin and irritation would be to keep your face moist by using your creams or DIY skincare products. Dry skin is prone to damage and dullness, and you need to butter it up to make up for the moisture loss.

The moisturizer acts as a barrier for pollutants, bacteria, and sunburn. Choose a non-greasy, gel/water-based moisturizer that contains vitamin E, and apply it every day on your skin to keep it vibrant and smooth.

Have a happy summer everyone!