10 Anime That Will Mend Your Broken Soul

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Feeling tired, burned out and broken? Find your inner peace. Relax. Be thrilled. Be excited. Bawl your eyes out. Or roll on the floor laughing. Enjoy these 10 anime that will surely mend your broken soul.

1. Amanchu!

‘Amanchu!’ is a slice of life anime about Futaba nicknamed Teko, a girl who moved to a seaside town and met another girl Hikari, who is crazy about scuba diving. Hikari drags Futaba to join the school’s Diving Club. There’s really nothing remarkable that happened in the show except the development of friendship between the two girls and how Futaba came to love scuba diving. The show is honestly boring if you’re new to the genre of slice of life, but Futaba and Hikari’s friendship can tug at your heartstrings sometimes. Plus, the great animated underwater view  may gently cleanse your blackened heart most of the time.

Photo credit: Amanchu!

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